Lynx- Lawrence and Mayo plans to start LYNX Drone Training Academy in Goa


Lynx- Lawrence and Mayo plans to start LYNX Drone Training Academy in Goa

6th October,2022 Goa Panaji: Lynx Lawrence & Mayo, one of India’s leading Engineering equipment providers in the country, recently announced it plans to start a full-fledged drone training academy in Goa, which in future will be certified under DGCA. Goa having several defences established, many parts of Goa are in the Red Zone, where flying of Drones is banned. Lynx Lawrence and Mayo has been selling its drones application for urban development, land surveying weather monitoring and testing, ago-technology and other sectors for the last 5.5 years.

On 26th April,2022, LYNX- LAWRENCE & MAYO, initiated the launch of its 1st Drone Training Academy with the famous SREC -College of Engineering, Coimbatore, and we are in the process of procuring our DGCA approval for the RPTO, SREC already has a strong Aeronautical & Civil Engineering Division with two full fledged aircrafts and a simulator for training.

LYNX- Lawrence & Mayo has planned setting up DGCA approved RPTO Drone Training academy in Raipur, Vadodara, Karjat in Maharashtra and is OPEN to opportunities with other Aeronautical and Civil Engineering Colleges.

Speaking about its association Dr. Vivek Mendonsa, Director – Marketing, Lynx – Lawrence and Mayo, said, “We at Lynx have been driving innovation and excellence in the advanced precision equipment for engineering and industry. To reiterate what our Honourable Union Aviation Minister Shri Jyoti Madhavrao Scindia said on 10th May,2022, New Delhi “Over One -lakh drone pilots will be needed in coming years “, this is for various applications like Town Planning, Fire-fighting, Agricultural spraying, Video Shooting, Courier, despatch of medicines to remote and in accessible areas in India. The Youth of Goa, can think of Job opportunities abroad, outside the state and their training will prove to be an impetus for the Infrastructure and Construction industries.

Speaking about our partner, Ahluwalia Pilot Training Institute (APTI), his proprietor, Group Captain Paramjit Singh Ahluwalia, has been an Air Force Officer, with tremendous flying experience in Bomber, Interdictors & Electronic Warfare Aircrafts. DGM Ops Trg, Air India & Vice President Fly Wing Simulator Training Centre, Gurgaon. Currently DGCA Qualified Drone Pilot & Instructor. He is our Head of Operations for Pan India, to establish & run Drone Training Academies – Pan India “We are greatly honoured to be associated with them. We are ready to face all the demands and challenges of business 4.0 revolution in India. True to our philosophy of continually innovating and experimenting to drive excellence, we look forward to offer various courses both short term and long term that will benefit the DRONE SECTOR, YOUTH OF THE COUNTRY in terms of job opportunities and INDIA, perceived as the DRONE CAPITAL of the World.

Stephan Ferrao -State – Manager of LYNX – LAWRENCE & MAYO, who has been with the Group for 33 Years, said that all 6 Verticals of our business will play a pivotal role in shaping and contributing to Goa’s development and planned and gradual industrialisation without disturbing the ecology of our beautiful state.

Captain Sheryl D’cunha, Chief Flying Instructor of LYNX Drone Academy Pan India is a Commercial Pilot and a DGCA approved drone pilot.
“Drones are designed to for application across both industrial and military projects, the drones have already proven their expertise in defence and homeland security, disaster management, traffic monitoring, Surveillance and Camp Security. With a flexibility to customize our drones for an array of requirements, to provide end-to-end UAV solutions and services to the industrial and commercial sectors.

About Lynx – Lawrence and Mayo:
Lynx- Lawrence & Mayo is the geomatic engineering and instrumentation arm of the legendary Lawrence and Mayo brand that boasts of over 145 years of glorious existence! With a Wealth of expertise acquired over than course of a century, LYNX – Lawrence and Mayo, along with its Technical Development Service Centres (TDSC), pursues its ultimate goal of excellence in design and innovation. With a wide network of strategically located branches and customer relationships based on a rock-solid foundation of trust, the Organization today is poised to meet the needs of rapidly growing Indian market for Precision Instruments. Be it in the field of all development projects like construction, infrastructure, and management of water resources, environmental monitoring, and supporting alternative energy progress, LYNX – Lawrence and Mayo have been meeting the needs of Public and Private sector clients across India, while also contributing to a vast database of Research and Quality Control Laboratories, all over the globe.
Key Focus Sectors:
1. Land Surveying Instrumentation
2.Material Testing, Non- Destructive Testing
3.Agriculture and Weather monitoring equipment
4. Modern Drones
5. Analytical, Laboratory and Medical and Healthcare instrumentation
6.Vacuum Equipment’s & Systems
7.Vocational Training Equipment – Installed in several ITI’s across Goa.
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