Will not permit Jetties in Moira: Moira communidade


Will not permit Jetties in Moira: Moira communidade
TYhe moira communidade has taken a decision not to permit any tourism Jetties in Moira.
the Moira Comunidade has also written to the the director of tourism department raising their objection to the tourism, jetty policy in their village. in the letter the president of the communidade Rui D’gama has stated that from time immemorial generation the Goankars are co-owners of the land and there has been no grant of land by the central government nor the goa government in our village
in the letter the moira communidade president has further stated that they will not permit the tourism department to build jetties on the bundhs or bandharas next to the rivers upsetting the fisihing acitivity of the village and also disturbing the peace when tourists flock to the moira village
the communidade has stated that the commundiade owns all Bundh or Bandaras along Rivers in Moira and will not permit any Tourism Jetties, as it will disturb fishing activities of the locals the Managing Committee of Moira Comunidade,has stated in a Resolution passed on 7th October, 22.
” Besides, Tourism activities such kind of jetties will create noise pollution, drug peddling, tourist touts n agents involving in Human Trafficking for prostitution, litter garbage, and also create traffic Jams n Crime, which will risk the life of people and disturb our Culture and Peace. Hence, it is a No to Tourism Jetties in Moira”, the President of Moira Comunidade Rui D’gama further sid

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