BJP supported candidates win in two ZP Constituencies Independent candidate wins in Cortalim.


BJP supported candidates win in two ZP Constituencies Independent candidate wins in Cortalim.
Two BJP-supported candidates Paresh Naik and Sandeep Bandodkar won the Davorlim and Reis Magos ZP Constituency bye-elections, while the third ZP seat of Cortalim went to an Independent Merciana Vaz. The Congress performed badly by coming third in two constituencies and last in Reis Magos. The results of the ZP by-elections were declared on Tuesday, while the byte elections were held on Monday.
As per data, the BJP candidate from Davorlim, Paresh Pandurang Naik, won the by-poll elections by a vote margin of 706. BJP’s Pandurang naik polled a total of 4080 votes while Aam admi Party’s Siddesh bhagat polled at total of 3374 votes while Congress candidate Leoncio Jervasio Fernandes came third with 1089 votes.. In Reis Magos ZP Constituency, BJP Candidate Sandeep Bandodkar won the by-poll elections taking a lead of 4385 votes bandodkar polled a total of 5,339 votes while RGP’s Sainath Korgaonkar polled 1,154 and while congress’s Pragati Pednekar polled total of 508 votes.
speaking to reporters after the elections saligao MLA Kedar naik said that even though the opposition parites tired hard to spoil the name of the BJP by branding it as a communal party during the campaigning the BJP backed candidate managed to win in saligao
“the results prove that the BJP backed candidate has won with a seizable vote margin and the other party backed candidates or even the independents hardly managed to cobble up any votes which shows that this is a convincing victory for the BJP” said Kedar naik adding that a combined the team effort of all the BJP workers gave the BJP a big victory in Reis Magos
speaking further congress candidate Rajesh Dhabolkar said thatthey accept the verdict of the people
RGP’s sainath korgaonkar expressed his gratitude to the people for giving them the verdict and giving their party backed candidate a seizable vote share and attributed the loss of the RGP to the poor voter turnout
In Cortalim, Independent Candidate Merciana Mendes E Vas won the by-poll elections by a lead of 2,902 votes She polled 4453 votes while her opponent independent candidate Lesley Agnelo Gama polled a total of 1511 while Congress candidate Valent Barbosa came third with 1360 votes.
All three ZP constituencies saw poor voter response, with an average turnout of just about 46.66%.

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