BJP workers should protest against defection of Cong MLAs: Ferreira




BJP workers should protest against defection of Cong MLAs: Ferreira


Panaji: The recent defection of Congress MLAs to BJP has caused consternation among karyakartas within BJP, and the fallout of this move will reflect at the next assembly election, said Congress Aldona MLA Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira.

He was speaking at an all-party protest held on Sunday at Mapusa.

“BJP had fielded their own candidates who worked tirelessly to defeat our candidates. What about their future? BJP karyakartas must put forth this question. They should wake up and revolt. Their party is trying to subdue them. There will be a silent revolution within BJP. People are hurt on both sides. They will show their anger when a big election comes. These karyakartas will come out silently and vote accordingly,” he said.

Ferreira said that the protest was against the unconstitutional act of “robbing MLAs and defection”.

“On paper they show it as a merger. However, we are seeking legal documents on this issue, and once this comes, we can prove these MLAs are defectors. The 10th Schedule of the Constitution is a good law, but it is being misused. This is being done by misusing various agencies of the government to harass, threaten, extort and kidnap MLAs,” the Congress Aldona MLA said.

Ferreira said that the 8 MLAs who have stated that they joined BJP for the sake of development have only done so for their personal development and not for the sake of the people.

“This protest by all political parties is welcome. Even if we take to the streets and protest, defections won’t stop. We need to create awareness among the people and keep reminding them about their MLA’s defection who broke their trust. People should be wise to elect good candidates. Congress assures that we will give you good candidates in future. We must weed out the black sheep of our families. That is how we will have good legislators,” he said.




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