Indian Cancer Society with West Bengal State Health & Family Welfare Goa, rolls out Project Satark to create awareness for Oral and Cervical cancer


Indian Cancer Society with West Bengal State Health & Family Welfare Goa,
rolls out Project Satark to create awareness for Oral and Cervical cancer

Goa, 11th November 2022: With the increasing incidence of cancer in our country, the emotional and financial burden of this disease is increasing disproportionately. One of our tasks is to help reduce Cancer incidence by encouraging prevention in the wider population. Indian Cancer Society kick starts a one of its kind project “Satark” which will train front line health care workers on oral and cervical cancer awareness and prevention program in state of Goa, The project is also implemented in select districts West Bengal and Telangana.

Among the preventable cancers in India, Oral Cancer (OC) & Cervical Cancer (CC) can be easily diagnosed in precancerous stages Easy diagnosis and adequate RP, cure rates are myth. Cancer awareness is the key to prevention and early detection. It is important for people to have better understanding of the disease, its clinical signs if any, take steps to detect it early and seek timely treatment. Therefore, ICS is introducing Oral & Cervical Cancer Awareness and Prevention Program (OCAP).

The program is designed to support the government initiatives to prevent and control cancer incidence under National Programme for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases and Stroke (NPCDCS) at district level. Awareness & Screening are two important pillars of NPCDCS. Out of which, ICS will compliment District Health Administration in creating awareness in the communities and encourage at risk individuals to go to the nearest public health care facilities for cancer screening. Under ICS’ OCAP, building sustained partnership with Municipal Councils, Municipal Corporations and District Health & Family Welfare Samiti (DHFWS) will help to strengthen government efforts to prevent and control cancer incidence at town & district level.

Mrs. Usha Thorat Managing Trustee, Indian Cancer Society expressed her thoughts on project SATARK. She mentioned that: “It gives me immense pleasure to introduce community led intervention on “Oral and Cervical Cancer Awareness and Prevention (OCAP)”, the same is being implemented by Indian Cancer Society (ICS). We have developed reference training manual, flipcharts & card games in simple language with liberal pictorial presentation, making it very easy to understand. The same will be used by Medical Officers, Front Line Health Care Workers (FLHCWs) & other stakeholders to integrate this knowledge and skills in their day to day field work. Look forward to creating larger awareness and know how about Oral and cervical caner

The program begins with Master training of Medical officers (Doctors) on Oral Cancer & Cervical Cancer by ICS and these Medical officers will train Frontline workers by in regional languages. Community based cancer Awareness sessions will be conducted by Frontline Health Care Workers using IEC material (Flipcharts & Videos) developed by ICS.
Awareness campaign using Digital and other medium will be executed, using relevant and insightful communication in regional language. Unique tech solution of WhatsApp Chatbot in regional languages has been created for Cancer education & referral of patients to public health care facilities for OC & CC screening.

This program philosophy is “Prevention is better than cure, for substantially reducing financial, emotional and social burden of cancer”. Core message “CANCER IS TREATABLE WHEN DETECTED EARLY”
Positive, hopeful and non-intimidating messaging will be the core message in assuring the audience to stay two steps ahead of cancer.
Indian Cancer Society (ICS) is the oldest and one of largest non- profit organisation in the cancer space, operates in 7 city’s of India. It continues to be the beacon of hope of underprivileged cancer patients in combating cancer while propagating cancer prevention through Awareness & Screening in general masses. It helps Cancer Survivors, operates Cancer Registries and has pioneered education programs for general practitioners in the early diagnosis of Cancer. Our mission statement is to reach 50% of the total adult population in the next 5-10 years with right information and ipso facto early detection of cancer leading to cure.

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