Panjim, November 18: With its tremendous success in the past with over thousands of students and families who have achieved their dream of living in Canada, My Canada Visa Services have launched their new office in Goa with the hopes of making many more dreams come true.

My Canada Visas celebrated its grand opening, as Mr. Syed Askari, President of My Canada Visas shared a few words on the joyous occasion.

“It is truly a new glorious step we have taken to open our doors to the young Goan crowd. We are here to give bright students a chance to pursue their higher education with ease in a place that they desire; and what better place than Canada? Canada is a very diverse place not only for young students but for families as well. We are looking forward to assisting Goans with all their Canada immigration needs. We bring forth this opportunity that will greatly benefit the young students and the people of Goa, in acquiring a better job opportunity and vast education options. As much as we will take care of all your needs to immigrate, Canada will take care of you as they offer free healthcare and education to its citizen”

Hailing from Canada itself, My Canada Visas saw the need for more students that are looking for a bright future elsewhere. With Canada’s growing need in fields of IT, Nursing, Engineering, aviation and many other industries, My Canada Visas took the step to offer the best opportunities to the students in the state of Goa; a place that is filled with many talented and hopeful individuals seeking a life in Canada. My Canada Visa Services provides consultation to students in need of advice on education in Canada, along with individuals and families in Goa who wish to migrate to or invest in Canada.

My Canada Visas steps led them to the state of Goa, where they believed many aspiring young individuals fit the criteria to be a perfect match for a diverse place like Canada. Starting from sectors like IT and Engineering, Goa is known to be the hub for such industries along with many young students who wish to achieve their goals; My Canada Visas offers a stepping stone for them.

Starting with their office in Hyderabad in 2019, where many students were granted the opportunity and complete support of moving to Canada, along with many families as well, My Canada Visas consultation helped individuals and families immigrate to Canada as they provided complete assistance in their applications and put more focus on where and how to secure employment in their field.

They have always seen a future where they can provide the best to those in need, for those who wish to put their good talent to use in a better place, and those who wish to become something more but are not able to. With their services that build the bridge between you and your dreams, My Canada Visas ensures that the gap is filled with many possibilities and options for you.

It offers complete assistance to those seeking to study and immigrate to Canada, either as an individual or family. Being one of the best consultants in the world, they have assisted and provided students with the best education options. They have also trained students in learning English and have provided assistance in the IELTS preparation, along with this the students were also prepared for insights on Labour markets in Canada.

My Canada Visas gives people the best chance of getting selected as they advise them for their future. They prepare them well in advance of their departure and provide accommodation to students as well.

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