Aldona MLA objects to 20-day time-frame for disposal of land conversion applications



Aldona MLA objects to 20-day time-frame for disposal of land conversion applications

Panaji: Aldona MLA Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira has objected to the proposed time-frame of 20 days for processing land conversion applications.

This is one of the proposed amendments that the state government plans to undertake to the Draft Rules under the Goa Land Revenue Code, 1968.

In a letter to the Secretary (Revenue) of the state government, Ferreira has submitted various suggestions and objections to the draft rules.

While welcoming the move to have time-bound disposal of conversion applications, Ferreira has pointed out that the time-frame of 20 days provided is too short for authorities, especially the Forest Department, to submit report/no-objection certificate (NOC)/recommendations.

The MLA stated that there is no clarity on the parameters for consideration or refusal of an application for conversion “which needs to be incorporated to avoid arbitrary action which can lead to nepotism and corruption”.

“The proposed amendment should increase the time-limit to 120 days with use of the words “as far as possible” as applications have to go through several departments. The forest department conducts the survey to check if the land is forest or not. Even if it is CRZ or not, they will have to conduct an inspection. There is a shortage of staff in every department. Due to this, the overburdened staff may not be able to meet deadlines for furnishing reports. Under the proposed amendment, the powers for allowing conversion of land will be vested with the district collectors who will decide the applications if the reports are not submitted within 20 days. Which cases the collector will grant and which cases will be refused, this should be clear as this will lead to corruption. The non-receipt of a report can be engineered by a private party in connivance with the department concerned not to receive a negative report/recommendation. Hence, in view of this, the amendment, if carried out, will be a paradise for certain unscrupulous elements in the real estate lobby who will use this opportunity to finish off what remains of our little and beautiful Goa,” Ferreira stated.


Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira
Aldona MLA

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