Exhibition of FIFA world cup at the house in Mapusa drawing hordes of people


Exhibition of FIFA world cup at the house in Mapusa drawing hordes of people

Pradeep Chodankar’s FIFA world cup exihibition has been drawing hordes of people visiting the exhibition as tournament has commended at Qatar


Pradeep is trying to give football fans in Goa a closer glimpse of the Fifa World Cup. Since 1998, when the World Cup was played in France, Chodankar has been putting up an exhibition in Mapusa that gives enthusiasts a closer peek at the biggest sporting spectacle on earth.


The exhibition was inaugurated by the president of GFA and council member of GFDC dr caitano Fernandes in the presence of Arjuna awardee and chairman of GFDC Brahmanand Shankwalkar and eminent Nigerian footballer Lawrence Tony okafor. Chodankar himself who had never been to the World Cup; has got a chance this time around to attend a match in Doha, and his exhibition is the closest that you can get to the World Cup, if one cannot afford to make the expensive trip.

“This provides me with lot of satisfaction. Many fans and school students come and visit my exhibition and I feel satisfied to have done my bit,” says Chodankar, a retired teacher at the SFX High School in Siolim.

The exhibition at residence in Gaunsavaddo, Mapusa, will run till the conclusion of the World Cup on December 18 .


The exhibition showcases posters of famous footballers who have left their mark in previous editions of the World Cup. There are flags of every participating country and the schedule of every match. The highlight, though, remains a replica of the match ball and, of course, the t he prestigious world cup trophy that each of the 32 teams are battling for.
Chodankar has also neatly preserved all the dates of the World Cups held since inception in 1930.
“I am doing all this for the love of the game. I am trying to create love for football among all Goans. Football, as we all know, is in our blood but we need to be more disciplined,” said Chodankar.

Putting up an exhibition like this one doesn’t come cheap. During the last edition in 2014, Chodankar needed a lot of money for the exhibition but thanks to his “rich friends” who donated generously. He promptly gave away that money to charity.

“I have always been a strong supporter of Brazil. I like their style of play. They are very simple players, who are talented and have contributed a lot to the beautiful game with their innovative moves,” he said.

Tony okafor a former Nigerian footballer said that this exhibition has brought the game of football alive and that to in a place like Goa he applauded Pradeep chodankar’s efforts for holding the exhibition that is drawing a large number of people.

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