Distribution of 40 Bhagavadgita treatise to School students at Keri


Distribution of 40 Bhagavadgita treatise to
School students at Keri

On the occasion of Geeta Jayanti the founder member and vice president of Keri Terekhol Area Development Welfare and Educational Society, Mr. Ganu Narayan Vast, distributed 40 treaties of Bhagwadgeeta to the students of New English High School in Keri Pedne.

On this occasion, the spiritual guide of the ISKCON temple, Dayanidhi Gaurang Das, was present as the chief guest.

Initially, Dayanidhi Das lite the lamp and worship the holy Bhagavadgita. Gauri Marathe, Siddhi Dabholkar, Saili Satle and Tanishka Salgaonkar welcomed everyone by singing shloka from the Bhagwadgeeta. Niyati Mathkar elaborated the meaning of the Geeta.

Speaking on the occasion, Dayanidhi Gaurang Das said that Bhagavadgita is the song of God. It is a song containing six gods of power, fame, richness, knowledge, beauty and harmony. Since this is created by God, it is defectless and complete. Arjuna was confused during the Dharma war on Kurukshetra. Therefore, as Arjuna chose Krishna as his guide, today’s student should make his life successful by choosing his good guide.

The program compering was done by student Samriddhi Sawant. Headmaster Bhavarth Mandrekar proposed vote of thanks. While Teacher Guruprasad Tandel coordinated the entire program.

Photo:Speaking at the Gita Jayanti event, Keri Pedne, ISKCON’s spiritual guide Dayanidhi Gaurang Das. Along with the Headmaster Bhavarth Mandrekar, Saloni Harji, Nishita Akarkar and Satyawan Hari.

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