Cumbarjua MLA Rajesh Faldessai sets ball rolling on development of constituency, Lots more to come, he says


Cumbarjua MLA Rajesh Faldessai sets ball rolling on development of constituency, Lots more to come, he says

PANAJI: Cumbarjua MLA Rajesh Faldessai on Thursday launched works to the tune of Rs 1.47 crore in his constituency that will serve to improve the facilities for citizens including footpaths, payne, roads and gutters as the MLA set about delivering on the promises he has made to his people over the last one year.

Faldessai said that facilities at PDA Colony Corlim in Cumbarjua constituency that he was setting in motion would go a long way in not only making the lives of his constituents better but also be a fulfilment of the duty he was elected for.

“In the run up to the elections I had promised that I will work for the people and make a difference to their lives in terms of better facilities, improved infrastructure and be open and available to new suggestions and ideas. Today the evidence is for all to see that I am a man who delivers on my promises,” Faldessai said.

“This is just the start, over the coming days I promise that many of the promises that I have made in the run up to the elections will be delivered on. Be it better roads, that are in a bad state or uninterrupted power supply. I will be making my presence felt in the constituency to hear the grievances of the people,” Faldessai said.

During the previous assembly session while speaking during the discussion on demands for grants, Faldessai then in the Congress had sought from the government a wide range of improvements in his constituency, which he has now promised to fulfil now that he is in the ruling side.

These include improvements in the pitiable condition of the health centre in Old Goa, health facilities for the island villages of his constituency so that they don’t have to wait for the ferry boats to cross to avail medical facilities, improved ferry services, flood prevention measures and riverbank improvement facilities

“It is my dream to make the constituency self-sufficient in every way possible so that not only we help our people but also provide them with a platform to launch out and prosper without being held back and facing losses on account of having to contend with factors like power disruption, poor internet connectivity and inadequate water supply. No business can grow and prosper if they are plagued by the lack of such basic facilities,” Faldessai said.

“Old Goa requires good planning and execution which has not been undertaken over the last many years. The main issues plaguing the people of Cumbharjua as well as other Goans is related to electricity, jobs, water supply and running local business to earn a livelihood. These are basic essentials that a common man needs. It will be our priority to provide the people with these basic necessities,” he also said.

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