E-motorcycles will outnumber conventional bikes in India by 2035


E-motorcycles will outnumber conventional bikes in India by 2035


Panaji, December 2022: Electricity-driven motorcycles will outnumber conventional bikes on Indian roads by 2035, claimed experts at the two-day India Bike Week (IBW) which was held at Vagator, in North Goa, while adding that electric vehicles (EVs) represent the future of road travel.

According to Dr. Prajwal Sabnis, co-founder of ORXA Energies, an EV motorcycle manufacturing firm and a participant at the IBW, the scooter segment is leading the transformation to electric two wheelers in India.

“My estimate is 10 to 15 years, but you’ll notice a lot of change by 2030. Hopefully, more EV motorcycles will be sold by 2035. One can already see it in the scooter market, but as of now, 6% of all bikes sold are electric vehicles, a statistic that has been growing for more than a year,” Sabnis said.

The reason why EVs are getting more and more acceptance in the racing segment market, is because of the benefits they come with, which includes, less weight, no heating issues and they are simple to ride.

The EV industry is estimated to soon cross 1 lakh sales in India and over the past few months, two-wheeler EVs have accounted for more than 5% of the total EV sales, compared to just 1% last year.

According to Ranjitha Ravi, co-founder of ORXA Energies, India will have to build infrastructure to facilitate the EV revolution on Indian roads, which includes a seamless network of charging stations. The change, she says ought to come from a synergy between government, the EV industry and user communities.

“If you want only the industry or the government to do things then there are only certain pockets that will develop, but we believe we can work with the community on a larger scale to figure out which segments need the actual infrastructure so the industry can work together on such a segment as a whole,” she says.

Asked if the future editions of the IBW would witness e-bike races, considering the growth curve in the sector, Martin Da Costa, founder of IBW said: “Yes. 100%. Plus, EV Bike displays, manufacturer zones, sales points, and Custom Builder EV bike displays. We’ll be supporting the EV revolution very aggressively indeed”.

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