Asian Paints Brings You The Dustiest Wedding Of The Year


Asian Paints Brings You The Dustiest Wedding Of The Year
The paint and décor brand launches a new creative campaign for Apex Dustproof, the perfect exterior emulsion to prevent dust from settling on the walls of your home
Panaji:The exteriors of a house are often exposed to heat, dust and harsh weather conditions which diminish the beauty of the walls when the paint fades or wears off. Asian Paints Apex DustProof checks all boxes in preventing any loss or damage to the beauty of a home’s exterior walls. The new campaign by the paint and décor giant drives home this point with wit. The commercial focuses on how Asian Paints Apex DustProofemulsion is the ultimate paint solution to fight off any dust storm and to protect home walls from harsh weather conditions. The application of it would shield homes from inclement weather conditions keeping it new and unblemished for years.The TVC depicts a couple’s wedding ceremony marred by an unexpected dust storm when the bride makes an entry and how Apex Dustproof steps in to save the day. The ace product resists dust from settling on walls and retains the paint for longer owing to its Dust Pick-up Resistance (DPUR). Asian Paints highlights this proposition in the commercial with a touch of humour making it real and relatable. This water-based exterior wall finish also offers 5-year performance guarantee.

Speaking on the new TVC, Amit Syngle, MD and CEO, Asian Paints Limited said, “Every individual endeavoursto maintain the beauty of their homes throughout their lives. However, accumulation of dust can detriorate the exterior of ones homes leading to fading of colour. With Asian Paints Apex DustProof, consumers can protect their home exteriors from the effects of dust while retaining its beauty for a longer period of time. Through the new film for Apex Dustproof, thisproduct proposition has been communicated in a humorous way.”

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