Covid-19 showed world the efficacy of India’s alternative medicines: Goa Governor


Covid-19 showed world the efficacy of India’s alternative medicines: Goa Governor

Covid-19 enabled India’s traditional alternative medicines to prove their efficacy to the rest of the world, Goa Governor Shri P.S. Sreedharan Pillai said at the World Ayurveda Congress (WAC) on Friday lauding the subcontinent’s indigenous systems for their holistic approach to wellness.

Not only does Ayurveda search for the root of diseases, the ancient system promotes the spirit of innovation that ensures its contemporariness, he noted as chief guest at the inauguration of International Delegates’ Assembly (IDA) as part of the 9th WAC.

“Dedication is the third focal factor essential for the development of Ayurveda,” he noted at the session where Shri Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary to the Ministry of Ayush, delivered the keynote address.

Shri Pillai, pointing out that China has flourishing business of bonsai, said the culture of growing miniature trees in pots evolved from Ayurveda, which calls it ‘Vamana Vriksha Kala’. “Our Veda mentions this technique, which should be 5,000 years old. Buddhist monks later introduced it during their eastward travels,” he said, hailing the Indian way of blending art (kala) into science.

The 20th century saw WHO announcing global eradication of certain contagious diseases, the Governor recalled. “But, into the 21st century, we are faced with new ailments of global spread. The way India resisted the intensity of Covid-19 by making good use of Homeopathy and Ayurveda is exemplary,” he said, noting that Yoga and naturopathy have gained acceptance in four-fifth of the world’s countries.

At another session on Friday afternoon, Goa Chief Minister Shri Pramod Sawant interacted with international buyers at WAC, being organised chiefly by the World Ayurveda Foundation under Vijnana Bharati. The December 8-11 event promotes not only business in the health sector, it works towards stronger exchange of knowledge, he said, addressing the delegates.

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