Aldona, Mayem MLAs hold joint inspection for Corjuem-Sinquerim bridge


Aldona, Mayem MLAs hold joint inspection for Corjuem-Sinquerim bridge

MAPUSA: The MLAs of Aldona and Mayem constituencies along with panch members of Mayem and PWD engineers conducted a joint inspection at the site of the Corjuem-Sinquerim bridge in a bid to finalise a proposal for a permanent motorable bridge to connect the two villages.

At present there is a metal footbridge connecting the two villages that is used by people from Sinquerim in Mayem to reach Corjuem in Aldona.

“This proposal is a good proposal — there are two options. Let the engineers examine that and we will help from our side whatever needs to be done. Even the people from this side have demands, which is why I am thinking that people will come forward and support this,” Aldona MLA Carlos Alvares Ferreira, said.

“Earlier when I had come here I saw that the bridge that was being used was not very unsafe but it was unsafe. Children use it to go to school and some use it to travel to work and it was very useful for the people of Sinquerim,” he said.

Speaking at the site inspection Mayem MLA said that he was optimistic that the government will accept the proposal.

“We have decided to send a proposal to convert the existing metal footbridge that connects the villages of Corjuem and Sinquerim — into a RCC concrete bridge. For this proposal we have today conducted a joint inspection. This existing metal bridge is being used a lot because villagers from these two villages need this connectivity. Our ancestors had built an ordinary bridge here after which a metal bridge was built here,” Shet said.

“We have put a proposal that a proper bridge should be built here because it is necessary. I had spoken to the MLA and today he came for inspection and we believe that if we send a proper proposal I believe that the government will help us,” he added.

There are two opinions – one is that the bridge be built on the existing location and the other is that the other road is a little further away. We will put both the estimates before the government and let the government decide which is the best proposal and whichever is cheaper for them.

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