Christmas Caroling to set the Christmas mood on in Aldona


Christmas Caroling to set the Christmas mood on in Aldona
Once again its time for Christmas and what we see is all the houses getting decoration, while some doing shopping, getting new clothes. Churches also getting ready with their prayers ready. As we move around we find a group of villagers going around dressed as santa claus while others with red caps singing christmas carols.
In the same way in Aldona too was no different. The villagers got together at the Aldona Circle at 6.30 pm on Tuesday and sang different languages christmas carols. Those joined in for the christmas carols serenading were not only christians but moreover even Hindus. All the shopkeepers were invited to join in and be part of the same. Many joined in and some played Ghumot, guitar, mouth organ and in this way they managed to do christmas carolingin a traditional way.
What more striking is that, for the first time such christmas carols serenading was held wherein Hindus were part of the program. Although they did not knew the carols but they played ghumot while others managed to hum the common carols such as Jingle Bells and we wish you a merry christmas. Many Hindus were very happy to be part of the program and requested to continue such event in future making Hindus part of the event.
The main of oranising was to revive the childhood memories and traditional way of carols singing with traditional musical instruments. As the caroling was on, many joined in who were passing by. The villagers hoped that in future such program could be held the whole advent season. The carols singing concluded by singing the Merry christmas song both in english and Konkani

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