Aldona MLA felicitates winners at the karate championships



Aldona MLA felicitates winners at the karate championships


Aldona: Aldona MLA Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira has stressed on the need for indulging in sports for the purpose of keeping oneself fit.

He was speaking on Sunday during the felicitation programme of the medal winners from Aldona Constituency who participated at the 12th NSKA Karate Championship, Traditional Karate Association of Goa state Championship and North District Championship held recently.

“Sport is always needed for the purpose of keeping oneself fit. It is said all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Unless you have some entertainment in the form of sports which keeps you fit, your mind and body will never be fit,” he said.

He also emphasised on seeking expert advice and focussing on technique.

“Whenever you are pursuing any discipline of sports, there is always a technique to be learnt, a discipline to be followed. Practice makes you perfect. This is the same thing in life, even in school. If you don’t have discipline, you don’t have a timetable, and you don’t have a system for which you will study, you will never be able to achieve even passing marks and you may end up failing. Whenever you are thinking of achieving a target, take help of your instructors because self study can often be like poison, just like self medication. You need to take expert help. I am very glad Kandolkar has taken the lead along with our general secretary. They are taking a keen interest.I request you to continue your enthusiasm. I have been a teacher, and I always believe my students must be better than me. I want you all to be better and make Aldona proud. We will make Aldona shine. I will be there to back you up,” he told the medal winners.

Speaking at the programme, professor Ashwin D’Souza congratulated the medal winners. “You’ll have made Aldona proud by winning so many medals. I also wish their parents who have encouraged them to come forward at such a young age to participate in sports at the state level as well as inter state and national level,” he said.

Swapnil Chodankar, former panch Pomburpa and blue belt karate instructor, expressed happiness that the participants from Aldona have bagged laurels at the national level.

The Goa State Championship was held on December 10 and 11 at Peddem, Mapusa, and the National Championship was held at Gujarat from December 23 to 25, while the North Goa District Championship was held from November 19-20 at Peddem, Mapusa.

The winners of the NSKA championship were OM Narvekar, Virat Korgaonkar, Sahil Halarnkar (Silver Medal in Kumite), Mohit Parab, Rishit Chodankar (Gold Medal in Kumite), Vishal Dodamani (Gold -Kumite, Bronze-Kata), Adhira Naik (2 Gold Medals Kata and Kumite), Jane D’Costa (gold-kata), Joann D’Costa (2 Silver Medals – Kata and Kumite), and Saloni Kandolkar (instructor’s Daughter) (1 Silver Medal in Kumite).

The winners of the traditional state championship were Joanne D’Costa (1 Gold-Kata, 1 Silver-Kumite), Anvi Polle (Silver-Kumite), Harsh Naik (Silver-Kata), Sandeep Kandolkar (Instructor of all the students) (1 Bronze-Kumite in instructor’s Veterans Category).

The winners of the North district championship were Siddhi Polle (Gold-Kata), Anvi Polle (Silver-Kumite), Gandarva Agarwadekar (Silver-Kumite), Adhira Naik (Gold-Kumite), Purvi Kerkar (Silver-Kata), Joann D’Costa (2 Gold Medals-Kata and Kumite), Jane D’Costa (Bronze-Kumite), Harsh Naik (Bronze-Kata), Vishal Dodamani (Silver-Kata), Saloni Kandolkar (Gold-Kumite( (Instructor’s Daughter) and Sandeep Kandolkar (Instructor – 1 Bronze-Kata, 1 Bronze-Kumite (Instructor’s Veterans Category)


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