The youth wing of the BJP had stormed into St Xavier’s College


Aldona MLA Adv Carlos condems ABVP violence at St Xavier’s, demands action

MAPUSA: Aldona MLA Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira on Saturday strongly condemned the act of the members of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad who barged into the Campus of the St Xavier’s College at Mapusa and urged the people of Goa to come together and defeat the disruptive elements.

“The youth wing of the BJP had stormed into St Xavier’s College in Mapusa and disrupted classes and were trying to infiltrate and create some law and order disturbances and probably some violence. The teachers were panicky and the entire staff was worried. When I knew the gravity of the situation I immediately called up the PI. He told me he had already gone to the site and visited but nothing had been done till then,” Adv Ferreira recalled.

“Therefore I was constrained to call Mr Omvir Singh our DIG who immediately told me we will not tolerate these kinds of things in educational institutions and he promised me action. I’m glad to say that he kept his word and the situation was diffused immediately,” he added.

“Such kinds of elements who try to disrupt education or the classrooms should not be allowed in any premises. Just because you have an affiliation with a political party does not give you the right to barge into colleges and institutions and disrupt the educational system. We don’t want another JNU in Goa and we don’t want hatred to be sowed between members of the fraternity, of the student community or even our local community,” he added.

“I appeal to everyone to keep these kinds of people far away. Because I know that our Goan brothers and sisters will not do any such things,” he said.

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