Ferreira inaugurates hotmixing works at Nachinola



Ferreira inaugurates hotmixing works at Nachinola

Aldona: Aldona MLA Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira inaugurated hotmixing of roads in Nachinola on Monday.

The work, that includes road improvement and widening, is being taken up of the 3.4-km stretch from village panchayat Nachinola at a cost of Rs 67 lakhs.

Nachinola sarpanch Freddy Fernandes and other panch members were also present.

Ferreira expression satisfaction that the government is approving various development works in the constituency.

“This was a long pending demand of the villagers. It was delayed as certain preliminary works had to be completed first. There are other small stretches that also need to be hotmixed. I am glad that our government is doing work and approving our files, and I am confident that more works and development will be taken up in Nachinola panchayat,” he said.

He also said that the road leading up to the Pomburpa cremetorium as well as near the spring will be taken up next.
“There is a longstanding demand for hotmixing works in Pomburpa. However, certain preliminary works had to be taken up as the hotmixing machine cannot climb this stretch. As this has been completed recently, hotmixing works will start soon. A lot of other works will also be taken up in our constituency,” he added.

Fernandes thanked the Aldona MLA for initiating the works.
“I thank the MLA for starting this work as this was a long pending demand. I thank him as well as the comunidade for obtaining the necessary NOC for carrying out the widening works. Without the NOC, this work would not have been possible. This is a big achievement for the villagers of Nachinola. I assure the MLA of the panchayat’s support for future projects,” he said


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