Aldona MLA inspects damaged pipeline at Quitla




Aldona MLA inspects damaged pipeline at Quitla

Aldona: Work on repairing a damaged water pipeline at Quitla, Aldona commenced on Friday after local MLA Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira pursued the matter.
Ferreira said that on January 26, he was informed that an underground pipeline at Quitla was damaged that led to a large amount of water overflowing on the surface.
Ferreira said that being a public holiday, work had to be taken up the next day
“I had informed the engineer concerned about the problem. Being a public holiday, we managed to do whatever we could. Now, we have started work to repair the pipeline,” he said.
The MLA also inspected the water storage tank in the vicinity.
“The pathway leading up to the tank needs to be improved. We will address this issue,” he said.

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