*Models Drape One Minute Sarees LIVE on the Runway at India Beach Fashion Week on Divar Island in Goa*


*Models Drape One Minute Sarees LIVE on the Runway at India Beach Fashion Week on Divar Island in Goa*

Five models showed off how to drape a One Minute Saree® (OMS) LIVE on the runway of India Beach Fashion Week on Goa’s private Divar Island last week. Founder and Fashion Entrepreneur Sasha Revankar’s direct-to-consumer online saree collection (www.oneminutesaree.com) was the ONLY Indian American brand to be selected for Asia’s largest and most prominent showcase for young designers. “We are so proud to have showcased our one-minute-drape concept to an engaged and energetic audience live on the runway, and this is the first time models have draped sarees while ON the runway,” said Revankar. The collection of 14 sarees included the traditional Nivi saree, Gujarati saree, Kanjivaram saree, sequin saree, cotton saree, and silk saree, just to name a few.

Rooted in tradition but crafted for the modern woman, One Minute Saree® is the fashion revolution the next generation of Indophiles has been awaiting. The desire to embody celeb-like grace in stunning sarees at weddings without the fear of tripping over a long pallu or sporting uneven pleats is an all-too-real fear for any millennial. One Minute Saree® ends the saree enthusiast’s draping woes with custom-stitched, pre-draped sarees that perfectly fit each time and leave wearers feeling as immaculate as they look, all under one minute! Watch videos from IBFW here!

The founders of India Beach Fashion Week had never seen a more practical way to wear a saree, so they decided to include the line in their destination wedding-themed fashion show. “One Minute Saree® is exactly the kind of avant-garde game-changer that will excite fashionistas and claim its rightful space in the millennial market,” said co-founder Neha Asthana Ojha. “The brand brought a bold, new, and fun take on the traditional saree with an eclectic collection of pre-draped sarees for the next generation of saree lovers.”

Revankar also spoke about the future of Indian fashion on the global runway in a speaker series at the two-day event and highlighted her reasons for creating the brand: “The modern woman doesn’t have the time or the energy to drape a saree properly, and we wanted to maintain the integrity and beauty of India’s most important garment, both in the West and the East. We hope to inspire many women, Indian and others, to don this beautiful garment the next time they attend a function that celebrates the simplicity and elegance of a woman who wants to show off her silhouette.”

For more information about the brand or to order your first One Minute Saree®, please visit www.oneminutesaree.com.

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