Adv Carlos pushes forward with plan for new Aldona market


Adv Carlos pushes forward with plan for new Aldona market
ALDONA: Aldona MLA Carlos Alvares Ferreira held preliminary meetings with the vendors of the dilapidated Aldona market, Fabrica and Village Panchayat of Aldona as part of his push to demolish the existing dangerous market and rebuild a new bigger market providing better facilities for vendors and buyers alike.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, the MLA said he has scheduled meetings with several other stakeholders including the church fabrica and other bodies before coming up with a concrete proposal, that he said the government has promised to take it forward.

“The Aldona market is one of my priority areas. It was among the primary issues I had taken up. We called for a meeting of the market vendors — they are the most important stakeholders for whom we have to provide a market. If there are no vendors there is no market. So I called the market vendors to explain the modalities. They will have to move out of the market if it is to be demolished. And in the meantime we have to make an alternate arrangement for them,” Ferreira said.

“So we are fine tuning everything and we are going in the right direction. Because I want to take everyone along with me to build a market, it’s not that it is my plan that I want to push on the people. So many questions were asked, we gave clarifications — we told them what is being done and what is not being done. There is very good cooperation from everybody and everyone agreed and we will have this thing very well,” he said.

“We had a meeting with the Fabrica and they said they want to give us more land. If we have more land we can develop it better and build a good market,” he said.

“We are working on this proposal, once we finalise and freeze the land, we are talking to the stakeholders. There are meetings being held over the next two days. The meeting is the day after tomorrow, so we will see. We will have to see what the terms and conditions are,” he added.

Just a few days back I spoke to the Chief Minister and he expressed his support to approve it as soon as he gets the proposal. I spoke to GSIDC also, but contrary to the claims of some people, there is no proposal currently with the GSIDC. I’m confident that the government will help us in building this market,” he said.

“Every stakeholder will be taken in confidence, nobody will be left out,” he added.

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