Triple rescue conducted by Drishti lifesavers at Colva beach


Panaji March 2023: Three men from Delhi were rescued in a triple rescue off South Goa’s Colva beach over the weekend, while a missing child at the same beach was also reunited with his parents.

The three men, all in their early 20s, were swimming in the sea Colva beach, when they ventured further into the deep sections triggering panic, as they were unable to find their footing.  Manish and Vaibhav, two Drishti lifesavers stationed at the beach, were on duty when they noticed the sudden commotion in the sea. They used a rescue tube and a surfboard to secure the trio.

In the other incident at Colva, parents of a four-year-old child approached lifeguards stationed on the beach and informed them that their child was missing. The Drishti lifeguards began their search for the child by making announcements from their jeep, while also inspecting the area where the child was last seen on the beach. They quickly located the missing child, who had wandered some distance away and handed him over to the parents.


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