Save Mahadayi Save Goa, Notify Mahadayi Wildlife Sanctuary As Tiger reserve


Save Mahadayi Save Goa, Notify Mahadayi Wildlife Sanctuary As Tiger Reserve

Creation of the Mahadayi Tiger Reserve would place us on higher scale on our efforts to save the river water from being diverted by Karnataka to their land and thereby depriving the Goans of their perennial right to use the river water for their routine lifestyle purpose asserted Mr. Rajendra Kerkar an environmentalist and a pioneer of Mahadayi Save struggle in Goa. He was speaking to Press meet Of All Environmentlist of Goa held today at Sahitya Sevak Mandal Panaji.

He further refuted the allegations against the sentiments floating in the certain corners of the society in justifications that the Tiger Reserve is unwarranted in Goa, as there no presence of tigers in Goa, to this he said that in 2019 four tigers were killed and in 2020 another five tigers footprints were captured and strongly countered the views that there are no tigers presence in Goa.

In response to a question from the press about the consents of the villagers living into and around the Mahadayi Wildlife Sanctuary, as to their safeties. Mr. Kerkar suggested that out of the present area of 208 sq. kms. of the Wildlife Sanctuary approximately 100 sq kms of it can be earmarked for the Tiger Reserve and said, that would a question of a very few families in the whole of the area, that needs to be relocated or exclude from the area of the Tiger Reserve.

In the end he strongly demanded that the Goans must fight for our right to save water of Goans lifeline Mahadayi for the Goan and said we will not afford to loss opportunity by any chance.

Mr. Amrut Singh, an environmentalist gave the fair idea of the subject and stressed the need of the saving Mahadayi with creation of Tiger reserve

Initially Mr. Rajan Ghate introduced the Subject and Mr. Mariano Ferrao proposed the vote of thanks.

The press meet was attended by Anil Laad, John Mendocsa and other activists.

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