Rahul Gandhi is the most incompetent political leader and which shown his “casteist mindset” to “disgrace the OBC Community: BJP

A day after Congress MP Rahul Gandhi was convicted two years of jail by a Surat court over his alleged “Modi surname” remark in 2023, north Goa Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has said that Rahul Gandhi is the most incompetent political leader and which shown his “casteist mindset” to “disgrace the OBC Community”.
Alleging that Gandhi had compared the OBC community to thieves, OBC morcha state president Girish Uskaikar said that with Rahul Gandhi comparing OBC communities to thieves, Rahul Gandhi has shown a pathetic and castes mind-set and that he is the most incompetent political leader with no knowledge However, his latest tirade is not surprising. For the last many years, he has always reduced levels of political discourse.”
Speaking further north Goa BJP president siddesh naik said that Gandhi had a big ego without understanding that he has been insulting the OBC community by not apologising for “Modi surname” remark despite the court order. He said Gandhi has repeatedly ignored suggestions from the court and the community to tender an apology for his comments. The entire Other Backward Classes will avenge this insult in a democratic manner
“Are Congress party and Rahul Gandhi higher than the law of the country?…Is it a national leader’s job to abuse and insult a surname of the OBC society?” the senior BJP leader asked at a press conference
“I believe Congress party and Rahul Gandhi are guilty of hurling abuse at the entire OBC community in the country,” he said,
speaking further BJP state secretary Dayanand Sopte also slammed Gandhi for his recent Castiest remarks
The Congress leader has not just insulted a caste or a society with his remarks for which he has been convicted by the court, he has also insulted “India, Constitution of India and democratic process in India”, said Sopte
The North Goa BJP block also hailed the chief minister for formulating an inclusive budget giving benefits for all the sections of society terming the budget as a swampurna Budget and taking care of the sections of society without any discrimination of any section of society

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