North Goa congress party will consult the reserve bank of india over the decision of the Ministry of Finance to link Aadhar card with PAN card



  1. The North Goa congress party has said that it will consult the reserve bank of india over the decision of the Ministry of Finance after it introduced a notification in order to link Aadhar card with PAN online against a payment of Rs 1,000. Addressing a news conference GPCC General Vijai Bhike said that most people in Goa live in extremely remote corners of the state where internet facilities are rarely available.and the unscrupulous, BJP touts have started extorting money from these innocent citizens of rural Goa
  2. Speaking further Bhike said that this is a nightmare and hazardous to a maximum number of Indian citizens as not complying with this order would bring extreme misery to most of them,” he said. ”
    Reacting to the statements made by the north Goa BJP for castigating Rahul Gandhi for making Castiest remarks and calling him the most incompetent political leader with no knowledge congress leader Elvis Gomes said that Rahul Gabdhi is amongst the tallest leader in this country and the BJP has been rattled by the congress Bharat Jodo yatra which is gaining attraction and the people of india have reposed faith in it
    and no one has ever dared to walk four thousand kilometres with the people
    If you hear the speech of Rahul Gandhi there is no attack on the OBC and of all the people I can vouch with certainty that Rahul Gandhi will not attack any one on the basis of caste or religious lines” Gomes further said
    Speaking further st cruz congress block president John Nazareth questioned whether the BJP also did not indulge in caste politics The BJP itself has started the issue of caste Based politics and is now criticising a national leader’s how can a national leader abuse and insult a surname of the OBC society? Questioned Nazareth

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