We are fighting for democracy and will win : BV Srinivas


We are fighting for democracy and will win : BV Srinivas
Mapusa: Indian Youth Congress (IYC) president BV Srinivas on Saturday said that the Youth Congress team is in battle mode to save Indian democracy and will fight till they win, during the Save Indian Democracy march attended by over 500 people and organised by the Goa Pradesh Youth Congress in Mapusa.

Flanked by Pradesh Youth Congress Joel Andrade and other PYC office-bearers, Srinivas said: “The Modi government is murdering democracy to save Modi’s ‘friend’ Gautam Adani and trying to shut the opposition that continues to ask uncomfortable questions.”

Srinivas also pointed out how, no sooner had Rahul Gandhi raised the question in parliament, the case against him was revived, the judge was changed, the judgement was delivered and the sentence pronounced and he was disqualified in double quick time all with the intention to silence the Congress leader in parliament.

“Everyone knows what is happening in the country today. Everyone knows how the dictatorial government is trying to finish democracy in the country. Prime Minister Modi should be ashamed, he hasn’t disqualified Rahul Gandhi but has disqualified Indian democracy,” Srinivas said.

“Quickly the case was revived — the complainant lifted his own stay on the case. It gets a date and in short notice, then the judge is changed. Then after the judge is changed there is a judgement and within 24 hours the parliament completes the disqualification process,” Srinivas said.

Goa Pradesh Youth Congress president Joel Andrade said: “We need you first to understand that this disqualification happened a few days after our leader asked a straightforward question. What is the relationship between Adani and PM Narendra Modi? You see, the message is clear. If you question us, we will target you.”

Joel added: “Please understand this is no more a Rahul Gandhi vs. Modi fight but a fight to save democracy. We are grateful that many opposition parties have understood this and have supported us here. It is our appeal to the people of Goa; please understand the bigger picture here and join us to save democracy.”

District vice president Wilma Fernandes highlighted the speed with which the Modi government got the judiciary to act when it came to disposing of the defamation petition filed against Rahul Gandhi and subsequently asked him to vacate his bungalow.

North Goa Youth Congress President Rinaldo Rozario said the freedom guaranteed by the constitution no longer exists today. “People today have no freedom to express anymore. The freedom of speech guaranteed by the constitution today no longer exists,”

“If Rahul Gandhi can have his voice taken away from him in parliament, there are so many attacks on our freedoms that are happening day in and day out, on corruption. What is going to happen in the day to come if we do not raise our voice against this at the moment.

“Just as all parties have come together we Goans have to come together and save our democracy,” Rozario added.

District vice president Wilma Fernandes questioned the speed with which the administration moved pointing to how

“If the government is serious, why don’t they move with the same speed with regards to the disqualification petitions filed against the Congress MLAs who have moved to the BJP. Why are these petitions kept pending for years and years,” Fernandes said, throwing a challenge to the Speaker to dispose of the disqualification petitions in two days.

Ahraz Mulla, while speaking on the occasion said that the country was headed for a very dark future if institutions that exist to guarantee the freedoms of individuals are reduced to being just another cog in the wheel of the government.

Nitin Patkar highlighted how the government wants to completely manipulate public opinion by subjugating those who are speaking up against the government and hounding those who are even open their mouths of highlight the misdeeds of the government.

Others who attended the protest include PCC President Amit Patkar, VP Tulio D’souza, GSs Vijay Bhike, Pradeep Naik, Archit Naik, Varad Mardolkar, Media cell head Amarnath Panjekar, North Goa President Virendra Shirodkar, 2022 Assembly candidates Elvis Gomes, Vikas Prabhudesai, Aman Lotlekar among others.

Speaking on the occasion Patkar hit out at the ruling BJP for trying to undemocratically silence the voice of the opposition and how institutions across the country from investigation agencies to courts were being pressured by the Modi government to do their bidding.

Andrade said it was not a question of Modi vs Rahul Gandhi but a question of democracy vs the BJP.

“It is not Rahul Gandhi vs Modi, it is democracy vs the BJP. Many opposition parties have realised this and have extended support and for this I would like to thank them and from here I would like to make an appeal to please understand the bigger picture of this battle and join us in this fight to save Indian democracy,” Joel said.

Rahul Gandhi was disqualified a few days after he raised a very straight forward question — what is the relationship between the PM of this country and Adani Group, Andrade said.

“If the BJP thinks that muting our speeches, mic off disqualification or passing resolutions from moving forward, they are highly mistaken. We will fight and win this battle. We are workers of IYC and Rahul Gandhi and we will support him till we can,” he added.

North Goa District Youth President Rinaldo Rozario said the country was now witnessing the ongoing murder of democracy. “We have noticed the murder of democracy. Just because the question was raised of the relationship of Modi and Adani. The 20,000 crore of shell funding, today he is facing the brunt and he is out of the system today,” Rozario said.

“We are held by our throats so we do not raise our voices. Youth Congress, along with GPCC, stand united together,” he added.

“We will fight till our last breath to save the democracy of Goa,” he said.

The Loktantra Bachao Mashal Shanti March kicked off at Gandhi Chowk, moving towards the Shivaji statue and taxi stand, and concluded at the Gandhi Chowk again, where the party workers paid floral tributes.

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