witnesses surge in interest and bookings with its new look and unique features

. witnesses surge in interest and bookings with

its new look and unique features

New co-branded website witnesses 125% increase in visits and generates over 25% revenue for Air
India Express; Dubai, Bengaluru, Abu Dhabi, Doha emerge top sources of traffic

India, April 4, 2023:, the unified customer interface of Air India Express and
AirAsia India – the two subsidiary airlines of Air India, has witnessed a surge of visitors within days of
launch with the platform, contributing over 25% of international flight revenue on the first day itself,
making it the dominant single source of reservations. Flyers of both airlines are now logging in,
booking, and managing reservations for both Air India Express and AirAsia India flights on, the new website launched as a major milestone in the integration of the two
airlines. is built on the platform of the award-winning AirAsia India website
developed by Tata Consultancy Services with the support of Tata Digital and provides a significantly
enhanced booking, support and travel experience for Air India Express customers from its historical
The launch of the new website was enabled by the migration to a common reservations and check-in
system, which now unifies the entire commercial ecosystem of the two airlines.
Following the successful launch of the reservations system, the airline entities are now focusing on
cutting over to common airport check-in systems in a phased manner at all international terminals in
India, followed by the overseas network.
Some of the salient features of include:
● Single Sign On (SSO) credentials, integrated with Tata Neu and other participating brands of the
Tata NeuPass rewards programme
● Personalised account profile with personal details, travel documents, saved family & friends for
single click addition of guests to bookings, GST details for SMEs, past and upcoming bookings
and personalised offers and vouchers
● E-commerce style shopping cart, integrated with single sign-on, enables users to seamlessly
continue their booking if they leave midway
● A single page vertically stacked accordion-style booking flow, minimising the time between flight
search and payments, providing a super-fast and efficient booking experience
● An integrated booking widget offering special fares and benefits for different passenger profiles,
including senior citizens, students, doctors and nurses and members of the armed forces and
their dependants, ensuring personalised offerings for flyers on the same PNR
● The option to use gender-neutral honorifics for each passenger when booking
● Xpress Check-in – Fastest in the industry 5-second check-in which is already scoring global
benchmark level Net Promoter Scores with over 80% of users scoring it a 9 or 10, and stating
they would recommend it to their friends and family.
Nearly half the bookings on have been from international markets, with Dubai
being the largest source city of traffic and other top international sources of traffic being Abu Dhabi,
Doha, Sharjah, and Singapore. Domestic traffic and bookings on the platform have come from metro
markets like Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai, reflecting the domestic network and hubs of AirAsia

As part of the integration, brand communications and support have also moved to common social
media handles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Online reputation management tools
indicate that the integrated social media handles have the highest social reputation score amongst
all Indian airlines, driven by faster response and resolution times and massive positive sentiment and
feedback on the user experience of the new website and support channels. Advanced AI-powered
conversational and multilingual chatbot Tia is also providing seamless 24*7 customer support for
both airlines on a common WhatsApp number, Facebook Messenger and on the common website.
With a unified sustainability strategy, the website also offers flyers the opportunity to offset their
carbon footprint by planting a tree for every booking, with a geo-location tagged URN Certificate.
A travel agent portal, built and accessible from the same platform, for corporate and retail travel
agents in the largely disaggregated market is another key offering of the platform. The travel agent
portal offers automated fund upload options, eliminating the need for manual intervention. The
platform is also fully automated, from fetching fares to negotiations, enabling travel agents to
handle individual and group bookings with ease.
Commenting on the warm response to the integrated platform, Mr. Aloke Singh, Managing
Director, Air India Express and AirAsia India said, “The initial phase of integration of Air India
Express and AirAsia India has been executed in a robust manner in record time. We have successfully
migrated to modern day technology from the legacy systems that were dominant. This migration has
been built by leveraging the existing strong attributes of AirAsia India with additional deployment of
relevant tech solutions. We are very enthused with the initial response to the newly launched The unified customer experience is an important aspect of our objective of
showcasing the larger strength and scale of the Air India network. We are working on adding even
more unique features and integrated service which will deliver enhanced experience and strengthen
our position in the minds of the customers.”
AirAsia India flies to 19 destinations across the country while Air India Express operates to 14
international destinations from 20 Indian cities.

About Air India Express:
Air India Express, launched in 2005, is India's first international budget carrier and a wholly-owned
subsidiary of Air India. It meets the need for affordable services on short and medium-haul routes
connecting smaller Indian towns directly to the Gulf and South East Asia regions. With 20 Indian
cities and 14 international destinations in its network, the airline operates more than 600 flights a
week. The airline has a fleet of 26 Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft. In January 2022, Air India Express,
together with Air India, was successfully privatized, with ownership returning to the Tata group that
had initially founded Air India.
About AirAsia India:
AIX Connect Private Limited, formerly known as AirAsia India Private Limited, was launched in 2014
and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Air India Limited. AirAsia India flies over 50 direct and 100
connecting routes across India, offering plush leather seats, Gourmair hot meals, pioneering in-flight
entertainment, and a host of exclusive loyalty benefits for members of the Tata NeuPass rewards
program and offers fast bookings, fab deals and fantastic value on its award-winning website and
mobile app.

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