6 rescues, including a kayaking mishap reported over the weekend.


6 rescues, including a kayaking mishap reported over the weekend.

6 rescues, including a kayaking mishap reported over the weekend.

Panaji, April 2023: Over the weekend, Drishti lifesavers were involved in six rescue operations off the coast of Goa, which involved the rescues of a 53-year-old kayaker at Palolem beach and a 15-year-old girl off Cavelossim beach.

At Cavelossim, the teenager from Delhi was with her family in the sea, when she decided to swim further without the assistance of her family. The girl was in a precarious situation after she panicked in deep waters. The rough currents pulled her deeper into the sea. The Drishti lifesavers stationed on the beach, Bapu and Sarvesh were alert to the girl’s cries for help and rushed to her rescue bringing her back to shore with the help of a jet-ski and a rescue tube.

In another incident, a 53-years-old kayaker from Pune was involved in a boating accident. The man in the kayak was paddling off Palolem beach, when he suddenly toppled over. The Drishti lifesaver stationed at the beach was alert to the incident and noticed another jet-ski operator near the distressed person. The swift co-ordination between the lifesaver and the jet-ski operator helped rescue and return the kayaker back to shore.

There was a double-rescue reported at Agonda which included a man and woman aged 26 and 25 years respectively from Pune. The couple were swimming when a sudden wave knocked them over, throwing them off balance in the sea. A lifesaver, Bhikesh, noticed the two and secured the couple with a rescue tube. Agonda beach was also witness to another rescue operation conducted by a Drishti lifesaver who saved a 39-year-old woman from Mumbai. She was swimming in the deep sea, when she found herself unable to recover herself from the thrashing waves and rough current. The woman was brought to shore with the assistance of a rescue tube and rescue board.

A 22-year-old local at Arossim beach was also rescued by Drishti lifesavers after a sudden wave knocked him over and twisted his leg. Drishti lifesavers Swapnil, Chandrasekhar and Devendra administered first-aid to the man and handed him over to emergency services.

Two children were reported missing and later recovered at Calangute and Colva beach.

At Calangute, a 14-year-boy from Pune was lost on the beach, but was recovered after his father alerted Drishti lifeguards, who helped trace him back. At Colva beach, a 7-year-old boy was traced after he briefly went missing.

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