2 persons arrested by Anjuna police  person for molesting, assaulting & abusing women at Anjuna


2 persons arrested by anjuna police  person for molesting, assaulting & abusing women at Anjuna according to Anjuna police That on 04.04.203 in between 03.45 hrs to 04.00 hrs at near Alibaba restaurant, Anjuna Bardez  the accused persons namely (1) Noumaan @ Kavesh S/o Firoj Sabery, age 23yrs, rlo near Railway station, Jayantinagar, Raipur, Chhatisgad at present rlo grand paddem, Anjuna Bardez Goa and (2) Raj S/o Ulhas Shinde, age 28yrs, r/o Hno. 1050 Grand Peddem, Anjuna Bardez Goa occupant of orange colour I20 car bearing no. GA 03 Y 3599 with their common intention and force molested the complainant lady by touching her waist, chest with intendant to outrange her modesty. Then they abused the complainant lady in filthy words, thereby by insulted her modesty. Further they assaulted her and pushed her down on the ground. Upon the receipt of the complaint PSI Dhiraj R. Devidas of Anjuna P.S. Cr. No.55/2022 U/s 354, 509, 323 r/w 34 IPC stands registered. Both accused persons are placed under arrest in the above crime on 05/04/2023. Further investigation of the case in progress with PSI Dhiraj R. Devidasunder the Supervision of SPN) Porvorim Shri. Shivendu Bhushan, IPS, SDPO0 Porvorim Shri. Jivba G. Dalvi and PI Anjuna PS Shri. Prashal P.N. Dessai.

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