business of illegal touting needs to be stopped immediately: khaunte


business of illegal touting needs to be stopped immediately. The question is why police are not acting against them questioned tourism minister Rohan Khaunte

There is a breakdown of pipeline at Kucheli (Mapusa) which connects raw water supply from Tillari Project to Guirim and Porvorim. It will take 10-15 days for the repair of the pipeline to be completed said khaunte
Meanwhile, I have spoken to WRD Minister Subhash Shirodkar for increasing raw water supply at Assanora and have also spoken to PWD Minister Nilesh Cabral to review distribution plan of treated water to Porvorim and Saligao.
In order to curb such failures in the future, the WRD has tendered work of a separate pipeline from Amthane to Guirim which will be alternate source of raw water, in case there is a breakdown from Tillari Project.
Till then, the solution would be to depend on Tillar Project for raw water for Guirim and Porvorim and increased water supply from Assnora.
We are monitoring the water supply situation on hourly basis to ensure smooth water supply to our constituency.
We have requested WRD Minister to personally visit and review the repair of the pipeline and expedite the work.
I have spoken to PWD Minister Nilesh Cabral and pressed water tankers in Porvorim constituency for meeting the urgent requirement. Our Helpline is coordinating with the residents and the department for ensuring smooth water supply” He further said

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