North Goa SP Nidhin Valsan has said that his team has rounded off 60 people from the Calangute beach,



North Goa SP Nidhin Valsan has said that his team has rounded off 60 people from the Calangute beach, which includes beggars, hawkers and anti-social elements, in a bid to create a safe atmosphere for the tourists.
“This drive will continue by Calangute Police, Coastal Police. We want to create a safe atmosphere for tourism,” said Valsan.
He further said that action would be taken against these people, and the drive would keep going so Calangute Beach would be very clean.
Valsan said the Calangute Police took action against 400 touts last year, and this year as of now, action has been taken against 100 till now.
“Tourism department is also entitled to take action,” he added.
The SP said that the police are working round the clock to safeguard the interest of the locals and tourists.
When questioned on Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte’s statement wherein he blamed the police for failing to act against touts, SP said that he takes the feedback as a constructive approach.
“Police should not be blamed; if anyone has an issue, they should approach the authorities in their respective areas,” he added.
North Goa SP also said there is always a chance that touts are more in Calangute, a heavy tourism influx place.
Citizens say that the nefarious activities are carried on under the very nose of the authorities as these elements give a dam to the law,
Calangute MLA Michael Lobo said that the number of touts and pimps was rising, while the sarpanch Joseph Sequeira said no action has been forthcoming from the law enforcement authorities.
They stated that though police round up many of the touts, they are only fined and allowed to go and added that the law should be made more stringent so that touts do not continue with their activities.

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