calangute constituency forum has opposed the rampant destruction to the Baga hill which is rich in biodiversity



The calangute constituency forum has opposed the rampant destruction to the Baga hill which is rich in biodiversity and is one of its kind where you find more than 36 different species of migrated birds and is always been hotspot for bird watching for tourists, domestic as well international.
Baga Hill was rich in biodiversity and medicinal plants exist until 2015 but the builders lobby having vested interest with blessings from Government Authorities and the Political leaders destroyed the biodiversity, age-old medicinal plants and surrounding Environment of the area for their greed. In 2018, CCF raised the issue in protection of hills and it’s biodiversity and had mass protest over mercilessly cutting the medicinal trees and setting them on fire. Over more than 500 people had attended the the protest to raise their voice against such destruction.
According to the forum the Calangute – Candolim ODP 2025 was never been in the interest of Village Environment and even now revised ODP prepared by review committee is just an eye wash to general public. Withdrawing old ODP 2025, setting up the review committee to look into it and preparing a New ODP was just a political motive. There was also no positive changes considered by the review committee but they are planned to damage further ecological balance of the coastal Environment and massive destruction of hills and fields. The forum also mentioned that there also a lack of vision in planning our coastal Villages through ODP 2025 which basically is done for self-interest rather than in the interest of village Environment. Entire planning process was done without application of proper frame of mind and in a haphazard way to give good space for the developers” said president of the forum Prem divkar
Assessment of climate change was never kept on priority during the process of planning although entire world is facing hardship to sustain due to global warming. Incase the coastal area is hit by natural calamities it will be only because our irresponsible Authorities who have no interest in protecting environment and planned the massive destruction of our hills and other coastal area. Although the strong warning from Dr. Madhav Gadgil is loud and clear that after Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Goa is under threat to hit by Tsunami, our Government Authorities, Local MLA and other local Authorities are neglecting the facts” informed DIvkar

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