the bond between religious communities should remain intact in the state and there should not be any differences between religions: CM Pramod Sawant



chief minister Dr Pramod Sawant said that communal harmony between religions in the state is quite evident as both hindus and Christians are celebrating their feast of Milagres and also the zatra of goddess lairai and added that this religious harmony should continue to remain in the future as well .
he was speaking to reporters after paying his obeisance to milagres saibin at the our lady of milagres church in Mapusa as part of his birthday celebrations. Accompanying chief minister were chairperson of the Mapusa municipal council Priya mishal, MLA Joshua dsouza and the councillors. It is For the first time in 13 years, the Milagres feast at Mapusa and Shree Devi Lairai Zatra in Shirgao were celebrated on a0ril 24 Devotees have traditionally believed both Milagres Saibin and Lairai Devi are sisters and follow an age-old custom to offer oil to the Milagres Saibin from Shirgao Devasthan and to offer Mogra flowers to Lairai Devi from the St Jerome Church in Mapusa. Chief minister also poured oil on the statue of Milagres saibin
“I am overwhelmed that the feast of our lady of milagres and also the devi larai zatra are coinciding with my birthday and so I have come to invoke the blessings of the goddesses ” said chief minister

Speaking further he said that the feast of both goddesses signifies the unity between two religions and such unity should continue to prevail in the state between all the religions

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