Bardez Mamlatdar Cracks down on illegal dumping of debris along NH-66 catches two trucks while dumping debris


Cracking down on illegal dumping of debris along the National Highway 66, Bardez mamlatdar Pravin Gawas along with his team caught two trucks while dumping debris near the Tar-Bastora overpass on Wednesday afternoon. A fine of `10,000 each was imposed and the truck drivers’ licences would be suspended, it was stated.

Mamlatdar Gawas along with his staff, comprising awal karkun Shailesh Kothawale and Jayesh Kamat, caught red-handed one truck while it was dumping construction waste on the service road between Green Park junction and the Tar overpass without any permission. The team also caught another truck with waste material at the same spot.

The Mapusa police and the road transport department (RTO) personnel were called at the site to take necessary action under the provision of law.

Accordingly, RTO inspector Abhay Shirvoikar imposed a fine of `10,000 each on drivers of both the trucks and it was stated that their driving licences would be suspended for six months. Head constable Tukaram Shirodkar attached both the trucks.

When the official team asked a truck driver whether he had permission to dump the debris, the driver claimed that dumping of debris was being done as per rules, however, he failed to produce any permission letter. The debris was supposedly brought from Betim and Socorro areas.

Interacting with media, mamlatdar Gawas said that “it has come to our notice that trucks come and dump waste and this happens at odd hours.”

“Two to three times our officer had kept a watch and it was noticed that trucks bring debris by covering it and dump it in less than a minute and go away. On a few occasions, our officials tried to chase such trucks but in vain,” said Gawas.

He appealed to the people to be vigilant and inform officials or click photos if they come across any such illegality and that identity of the informant would be kept confidential.


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