Day 2 of Goafest – Brought meaningful and transformative ideas to light!*


*Day 2 of Goafest – Brought meaningful and transformative ideas to light!*

*May 25, 2023; Goa:* After an eventful Day 1, Day 2 at Goafest promised nothing short of an exciting and interesting one! Beating the scorching heat outside, a promising line of sessions began to unfold at Grand Hyatt!

The day began on an exhilarating note! Divya Kumar, a renowned Indian Playback Singer with Asees Kaur, Indian Playback Singer, ensured the crowd swayed and sang to their tunes, leaving everyone mesmerised, and wanting more. Their spirit and energy set the tone for the day.

The first session of Day 2, by India Today, discussed the Future of Connected Devices and Cross Channel Measurement with Moderator, Rajdeep Sardesai – Consulting Editor – of India Today Television along with Panellists Geet Lulla – VP of Sales & Head Asia Pacific – Comscore, Pankaj Krishna – Founder and CEO – Chrome DM, and Salil Kumar – CEO – ITGD. This session drove conversations around the future of connected devices, which holds a seamless integration of various smart devices, enabling effortless communication and data sharing between them, while cross-channel measurement has become increasingly sophisticated, providing comprehensive insights into user behaviour across multiple platforms and touchpoints for more effective marketing strategies. Geet commented, “Measurement is now moving from a monolithic approach to a fragmented approach, which needs to be reported frequently because data by itself is meaningless, it needs context.”

Pankaj also presented his findings on incremental reach, which consists of three components, including browsers (223 mn), mobile devices (619 mn) and connected TVs (22.1 mn). These numbers have never been revealed before! Salil, too, made an important addition to his conversation about the monetisation of data. The panellists also accentuated the importance of clarity, wherein the measurement is concerned, as well as collaboration with regards to the real-time consumption ecosystem.

Later, Disney Star presented a Knowledge Seminar, titled The Evolving Economy And The Future Of Startups with Rajan Anandan, Managing Director – Sequoia Capital & Surge leading the conversation with Anuradha SenGupta, Independent Journalist. The dialogue lit up several aspects of the economy, which included the evolution that continues to foster a fertile ground for startups, with an emphasis on capital, innovation, agility, and disruption, driving the creation of ground-breaking business models. The future of startups lies in leveraging emerging technologies to solve complex challenges, create new markets, and drive economic growth.

Companies that Sequoia Capital & Surge has backed previously are in the consumer space. Ranjan, through his consistent belief in growth-stage companies, highlighted the exponential profitability they will see in the coming years. He stated, “I truly believe in the profits these companies will incur in the next 6 quarters!”

This was followed by yet another Knowledge Seminar powered by The Hindu Group, called Supercharging Creative Effectiveness: Unleash The Potential Of Your Campaigns led by Ed Pank, Managing Director – WARC APAC. He presented several thoughts and insights on the effectiveness of creativity stating, “Creativity can dramatically impact the effectiveness of your campaign!”

The session answered questions on creative effectiveness, using creative and original insights to inform campaign strategies, personalise messaging, and target the right audience at the right time, maximizing engagement. He added, “We need to concentrate on creativity for not only the brand but also everyday people. Creating an experience should have value for the end-users.”

Additionally, Ed also emphasised the need to leverage the right type of creativity that accentuates experiences to create immersive and memorable campaigns that captivate audiences and drive brand impact. Furthermore, parameters like inclusive marketing, sound mnemonic, and authentically participating through cultures and subcultures, he asserts, also play a very consequential role wherein creative impact is concerned.

The first half of Day 2 also witnessed two masterclasses beginning with ‘Media Planning in a Digital World’ by Madison World’s Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Sam Balsara. He shared his insights on why digital media needs to be leveraged for brand campaigns. This was followed by ‘Driving Relevant Reach Through Video’, where Pratik Udeshi, Head- Agency & Video – Amazon India talked about relevant reach through video solutions on Amazon Ads and how advertisers can leverage it vis-a-vis accelerated video consumption in India.

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