Calangute MLA Michael lobo has said that the recent victory of the congress party in the Karnataka elections will not be a big concern for the BJP in the upcoming lok sabha elections


Lobo was speaking to reporters, after inaugurating the works of hot mixing of road from Parra Tower to Nagoa Dream Circle. Besides lobo also present were deputy sarpanch chandu Harmalkar and all the panch members
There is no concern for the BJP in the upcoming in the parliamentary elections as whatever policy decisions or wrongs have been done by the state government it has got nothing to do with the centre and PM Narendra modi’s popularity is very high in the general elections in 2022 and the people are looking at Narendra modi as the Prime minister and the people are looking at him to take this country forward in order to strengthen the economy of this country and that this county goes forward on par with the United states of America or other the European countries
Speaking further lobo said that when the policy decision of the state goes wrong then the government changes or else it would not have been so bad and the BJP would not have got such less seats and they would have got more so I feel that their policy decision has gone wrong as far as state government is concerned and it has got nothing to do with the central government and I feel that the BJP will come back to power with a thumping majority in the 2024 general elections

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