need for transparency and a proper investigation into the blatant hill cutting in Calangute constituency: Congress



Demanding for transparency and a proper investigation into the issue of the blatant hill cutting happening in the calangute constituency the Congress party has said that such activity will spell doom for the village

.addressing a news conference at Mapusa Calangute block President Lourenco Silveira said that the calangute MLA himself had promoted the hill cutting activity to happen in his constituency after he had changed the zoning on the ODP during his tenure as then chairman of the NGPDA and now the MLA himself was opposing the hill cutting activity happening in his cosntituency
lourenco further said that the people of calangute and the Congress party workers will oppose the hill cutting it looks that the BJP government is all out to provide clearances to the real estate projects by allowing such illegal actity to happen” silveira further said
speaking further vice president of calangute youth congress Vivek dsilva alleged that the builder lobby is involved in destroying the hills in the constituency with the blessings of the TCP and now the beauty of the village is compeletely destroyed and there is nothing left for the next generation

“There are many who are eyeing the pristine village of calangute and are looking to finish the entire area. There are advertisements calling for land with or without papers and this is a cause for worry. Our demand is that there should be transparency in this entire process of land conversion, who has bought land there and how the mass transfer of land has been possible should be told to the people” said Congress leader elvis gomes
There are conversions happening very quickly and actually what is happening, no one knows. There should be a proper investigation into this also, since the MLA of the area is himself against it. It should be shown as to how this illegality is happening .
Let the authorities do the work especially since the government’s own MLA is saying there is something wrong” said Gomes

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