BlueStone’s ‘Big Gold Upgrade’ Redefines Old Gold Exchange with Elegance


*BlueStone’s ‘Big Gold Upgrade’ Redefines Old Gold Exchange with Elegance!*

India, 2023: Taking its dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction to greater heights, BlueStone, a frontrunner among India’s premier omnichannel fine jewellery brands, has made a disruptive move with a first-of-its-kind offer: The Big Gold Upgrade. It’s aimed to offer design-led creations aligned with the modern jewellery preferences of today’s buyers at the best value. The ‘Big Gold Upgrade’ provides higher carat value alongside the latest jewellery designs while preserving the emotional significance of old gold.

The ‘Big Gold Upgrade’ is an endeavour exceeding the conventional journey of old jewellery. It’s all about transitioning fine jewellery from the safe confines of lockers to the vibrant realm of wardrobes. The crux of the offering lies in empowering customers to swap their Old Gold for newer, more stylish pieces across 170+ BlueStone stores. The shift is quite substantial – 18Kt Gold acquires the stature of 22kt value while 22kt will be valued at 24kt. Their core mission is to give customers the maximal value for their old gold. BlueStone goes beyond enhancing your jewellery by adding love and glam to your cherished pieces to make them outshine all expectations!

Harshna Pasari, Head of Marketing at BlueStone, said, “The Big Gold Upgrade is a shining example of our unwavering commitment to the ever-evolving needs of modern customers. We intend to introduce exquisite jewellery designs to their wardrobes while safeguarding the emotional and investment value of their old gold pieces.”

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