Strengthen sports, tourism and culture in Goa to host more sporting events: Gaude


Strengthen sports, tourism and culture in Goa to host more sporting events: Gaude

Goa, November 7, 2023: Hon. Sports Minister Shri Govind Gaude said the state’s sports
infrastructure and organising ability is capable of hosting more events of the stature of the National
Games and insisted that the government will work towards hosting major national and international sporting events in the near future.

“We are ready to accept new challenges. This is the result of our meticulous planning. People are
appreciating and congratulating us,” he said.
Gaude said the need of the hour was to bring together sports, tourism and culture and give visitors
a special experience in Goa.
“Goa is known for tourism, and has a rich culture. Goa is the cultural capital of the nation. Sports,
tourism and culture – this triangle needs to be strengthened. International federations are looking to
hold sports events and world championships in different disciplines in Goa, for instance, Sepak
Takraw. And we have even got a proposal from Modern Pentathlon.
“We have held many international sporting events already. When we hold such international events,
sports, tourism and culture will flourish in Goa. Goa will not spare any efforts as far as sports
infrastructure is concerned. We will take Goa to the next level,” he said.
Gaude said government will also focus on tapping sports talent from across the state.
“We need to tap the talent in the villages. The 37th National Games has given a good platform for
talent. That was my motive for holding the Games. We are working on this. We want our Goan
athletes to shine at the international level,” he said.
The Sports Minister said he could not have pulled off such an assignment without a strong team to
support him.
“Credit does not go to me alone. It is a teamwork. Planning was going on. We have been slogging
and tackling challenges and doing this tough job for the past 7 months. Three months ago, we were
spending sleepless nights, even holding meetings at 2am. We were aiming for the best. We wanted to show our potential,” he added

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