A proper audit be conducted on the expenditure incurred by the government for hosting the national games: North Goa district congress


Alleging that corruption has taken place in the just concluded 37th National Games hosted by Goa government, north Goa Congress has said that the  rules have been flouted during the tendering process and has demanded  that  a proper audit be conducted as to how much expenditure the government has incurred for hosting the national games

Goa Pradesh Congress Committee’s leader Elvis Gomes addressed a press conference and slammed the BJP government for looting taxpayers’ money on the pretext of conducting national games.

“Substandard work has been done wherever the games are taking place and one classic example of it is the Peddem indoor stadium were the games were going. The temporary overlays erected at many places were not safe due to substandard work and the heavy rains over the past few days had  exposed the shoddy works of the infrastructure put up by the  government” said Gomes

“even the project management firm  that was hired to  oversee the entire process and conduct games was not up to the mark  the firm appointed to do all tendering processes had violated the rules ,” he further alleged.

“Corruption began from day one and Goan companies did not benefit from the hosting of the games,” he said.

“ Goan companies had not befitted at all from the national games as the entire event was   given to a Delhi-based company,” he said.

meanwhile reacting to the issue of wherein  Socorro panchayat had ordered for the demolition of a house after the authorities found that  due process of the law was not followed  north Goa district president Gomes claimed it was political vendetta,

Gomes alleged that the Socorro panchayat was selectively only  targeting Chari family  when there were many other illegal houses in the village.

“why has the chari family made being targeted by the panchayat and not the other families”  he questioned

“the Owner of the house Gajanan Chari had alleged that he was given only 30 minutes to vacate the house and his plea for more time was rejected. However, Chari approached the District Court and obtained a stay against the demolition order issued by the Socorro village panchayat this shows that ther is some political Vendetta behind it” said congress leader Elvis Gomes

it may be recalled that high drama had occurred when some panchayat members and other officials and police had approached one Gajanan Chari and asked the inmates of the house to vacate within half-an-hour. However, the family members including senior women and children locked themselves inside and resisted the demolition squad.



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