Will ensure proper utilization of National Games sports equipment: Gaude



Will ensure proper utilisation of National Games sports equipment: Gaude

Panaji: Hon. Sports Minister Govind Gaude emphasised that his priority now is to ensure proper utilisation of sports equipment and material procured for the recently concluded 37th National Games in Goa.

He was speaking after conducting an inspection of the Ponda sports complex, which player host to a few disciplines during the National Games .

“The National Games has ended officially, but our responsibility has increased as the sports equipment and material procured has to be put in place properly. The German Hangars have to be removed properly, while cleanliness has to be maintained while clearing the equipment. I have given the necessary directions wherever pavers need to be replaced properly. Putting all this in place will be my primary focus. I came to oversee all this,” he said.

Gaude also said that in the coming days, he will be visiting all the venues where the Games were held.

“I also visited the Sports Village City at Campal. I have given the necessary instructions to the contractor. Another 7-8 days will go into dismantling and loading the material. Debris and garbage like plastic bottles need to be cleared and cleanliness has to be maintained. It is my responsibility,” he said.

The Minister also emphasised the need to maintain the sports infrastructure in order to increase its value.

“The director of sports and youth affairs, and execute director, as well as those below like coaches and other staff, all of them are responsible for the upkeep of the equipment. An inventory has to be done as well. We need to plan on how to reutilise this equipment. It is not possible to interact with each official. I will hold every person responsible, including the coaches and staff, for any damage to the equipment.

“I have taken sports very seriously. So much of Goans’ taxpayers’ has been spent
on this investment. We must take care of the equipment like we take care of the materials inside our homes. This is my priority,” he sai

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