Adv Ferreira demands drunk drivers, stunt drivers be booked for attempt to murder



Adv Ferreira demands drunk drivers, stunt drivers be booked for attempt to murder

ALDONA: Congress Aldona MLA Adv Carlos Ferreira wrote to the Chief Secretary, the Transport Secretary and the Police demanding a crackdown on drunk driving & stunt driving, which he says merits round the year and round the clock monitoring and booking those found driving under the influence of alcohol for attempt to murder.

Addressing the media, Adv Ferreira said that the number of cases of drunk driving was proof that there was no crackdown on drunk driving and that it has become a state of lawlessness in Goa.

“The manner in which drunken driving specially is causing deaths, not only lives of innocent Goans but also lives of innocent tourists or even workers is a testimony that there is total lawlessness in the streets of Goa,” Adv Ferreira said.

He pointed out that the very fact that the Anjuna Police Inspector said that the report of the driver allegedly drunk will come in two to three days, is proof that the Anjuna Police do not have the required alcometers of breath analysers to effectively crack down on the menace.

“This is why I have written to the Chief Secretary to ensure that they have the required alcometers,” he said.

“Tourists come to Goa and are aware that there is no law here. This doesn’t happen in any other place. In Bombay or Bangalore the police are on the street 24 hours a day to check for drunk driving,” he said.

“It is evident from the behaviour of some tourists that money power has corrupted them into arrogance and this flaunting of wealth with arrogance with a boisterous care-a-damn attitude, is dangerous for Goa, which is known to be a welcoming and peaceful State. The locals naturally get disturbed with such high-handed abusive behaviour and sometimes end up assaulting the tourists,” he said in the letter.

Adv Carlos has demanded that all the police stations and RTOs be equipped with the alcohol meters immediately, that routine checks and not just surprise checks are conducted at known places where persons frequent such joints and test the alcohol levels of each driver, and to conduct surprise checks at other places and to book drunken drivers or stunt drivers under section 307 of IPC (attempt to murder) and place such driver under arrest and prosecute such driver in accordance with law,” Adv Ferreira said.

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