Mapusa police arrested Bihar native in assault cases ,



Mapusa police arrested Bihar native in assault cases ,

SDPO Mapuca jivba Dalvi informed that Mapuca police police today arrested Sunil Kumar Ray R/o Cuchelim , native of Bihar for involving in assaulting , abusing and threatening incident which had occurred on 15.11.2023 .

That on 15.11 . 2023 one Mr. Ashish Kumar Jha R/o Cuchelim , Mapusa , Bardez, Goa N/o Bihar lodged complaint regarding abuse , assault with chopper and threatening by his neighbour over the Personal grudge at Khadpawado, Cuchelim , Mapusa, Bardez ,Goa.

Acting swiftly Mapusa Police Station registered offence U/Sec 504 , 326, 506 (ii) IPC registered.

Mapuca police constituted different teams with instructions to collect the intelligence in respect of accused involved. The staff moved in and around the locality.

Further, staff of Mapusa Police Station after thorough human and technical surveillance identified the Male and staff zero down Male at Cuchelim, Mapusa , Bardez, Goa

Team of staff PSI Sunil Patil , HC Sushant Chopdekar , PC Prakash Polekar , Akshay Patil all of Mapusa Police Station succeeded in tracing the accused Sunil Kumar Rayand native of Bihar further he was placed under arrest

Investigation is in progress under Supervision of PI Vijay Rane , DySP Jivba Dalvi , SP North Nidhin Valson.

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