Youth Congress calls for women empowerment through Shakti and Indira initiatives

Youth Congress calls for women empowerment through Shakti and Indira initiatives
Panaji: Goa Pradesh Youth Congress on Thursday held a programme on women empowerment, honouring their achievements and excellence.
The event was dedicated to honouring the accomplishments, resilience, and contributions of women across various fields, and to remember Smt. Indira Gandhiji, the former Prime Minister of India, on her birthday.
Those present were State In-Charge for Goa Pradesh Youth Congress and National Secretary of Indian Youth Congress Richi Bhargava, District Youth Congress President Rinaldo Rozario, South Goa Youth Congress President Mahesh Nadar and State Congress General Secretary Vijay Bhike.
In her address, Bhargava said that the Youth Congress is focussing on 2 women-driven campaigns – Shakti and Indira Fellowship.
“Shakti was launched during the Bharat Jodo Yatra by Rahul Gandhi. He walked 4000 km across the country and interacted with women and other groups, listening to their problems. Women’s respect is diminishing, hence the need for 33% reservation for women. We need our rights. When representation increases of women, then we will get respect. So he launched the Shakti campaign through the Youth Congress,” she said.
“When women come forward politically, there will be a strong pressure for representation. The Indira Fellowship is a programme for women to take up politics. Indira fellows are working in the states. When women come forward in politics, the family often dissuades them from taking it up. Hence this platform is for women who want to work politically. They can come join us, and we will train them for 9 months. There will also be remuneration for them,” she added.
While speaking at the function Bhike said that they want India’s unity.
“We are working towards that Indira’s influence was special for Goa. When the Opinion Poll was held during the Congress rule, there were attempts to merge Goa into Maharastra. She took people’s views into consideration and held the Opinion Poll. And hence Goa’s identity was preserved,” said Bhike.
“The Congress Party has been at the forefront to recognise the unwavering commitment and extraordinary talents of women. The event was held to acknowledge the invaluable impact women have made in our communities, businesses, sciences, arts, and beyond,” said Rozario.
In his address, Nadar said, “We came together to express our gratitude for the remarkable women who continue to shape our world with their passion, dedication, and excellence. Through inspiring stories, speeches, and tributes, we will shine a spotlight on the diverse achievements of women, showcasing their leadership, innovation, and perseverance.”

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