Aldona MLA launches irrigation works in constituency


Aldona MLA launches irrigation works in constituency

ALDONA: Aldona MLA Carlos Alvares Ferreira on Thursday inaugurated the work of cleaning and desilting of irrigation wells at Coimavaddo in Aldona constituency that is being executed by the Water Resources Department.

Speaking on the occasion in the presence of Dy Sarpanch Abhitnya Satardekar, Panch member Nataline Colaco and local farmers after symbolically beginning the work by offering prayers at the local shrine and breaking the coconut, Adv Ferreira said that he was happy that the work was able to be sanctioned in time, which he said will he a huge help to the local farmers who are in need of help from the government.

“Last year, the Water Resources Minister Subhash Shirodkar came and examined the works that needed to be done. Today we are beginning this well. But over the coming weeks there are other works that have been sanctioned and will be executed. I thank the Chief Minister and the Water Resources Minister for the timely sanction” he said.
“We are seeing how in Margao there is an ongoing fight over the vegetables being sold where produce from outside the state is being sold. If our farmers are supported with the timely release of subsidy then they will be encouraged to sow the following season. I had raised this issue in the legislative assembly as well,” Ferreira said.

He said he would stand by the farmers of his constituency and would try and ensure that the works in his constituency do not remain pending and the farmers suffer.

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