Gambling accused granted bail


Gambling accused granted bail

MAPUSA: The Judicial Magistrate First Class at Mapus has granted bail to all nine accused who were arrested by the Mapusa Police for allegedly indulging in unlawful gambling at Xelpem, Duler in Mapusa recently.

The accused were arrested by the Mapusa police and have been in custody since then. Advocate Myron Araujo who argued the case told the court that since the accused were in judicial custody, their presence in police custody was no longer required the concerns of the prosecution could be addressed by imposing certain conditions.

The accused were granted bail on furnishing a personal bond of Rs 10,000 and local solvent surety of Rs 10,000, not commit any other offence, not directly or indirectly make any inducement threat or promise to any persons acquainted with the facts of this case and to dissuade him/her from disclosing such facts to the court or any police officer or any authority as well as to cooperate with the investigation as and when required to do so by the IO until the filing of final report in this crime.
The accused is directed to report to the police between 10am and 1pm for seven consecutive days at the police station starting from the next day of his release.

Nine people were arrested during the raid and mobile handsets and laptops worth Rs 3.50 -lakh were seized by the police during the raid.

Nine people — Pankaj Kumar, Anshgiri Goswami, Rahul Thakur, Pratik Baghel, Mohammed Ahmd Haque, Prakash Mirza, David Mohanlal Sahu, Raja Bharma, Binkesh Sitaram Bhimte were arrested by the police.

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