HerKey concludes India’s only leadership retreat, “The OpenCeiling:- Women’s Leadership Conclave”


*HerKey concludes India’s only leadership retreat, “The OpenCeiling:- Women’s Leadership Conclave”*

Aimed at Uniting and Inspiring women leaders

*Goa, November 26, 2023* – HerKey (formerly JobsForHer), India’s largest career engagement platform that unlocks opportunities, learning, and communities for women in India, has wrapped up the highly successful debut of “The Open Ceiling Women’s Leadership Conclave.” This landmark event stands as the sole leadership retreat in India exclusively crafted for women.

Set amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Goa, the two-day gathering convened over 150 women leaders spanning various industries, fostering an exclusive and secure environment for the exchange of insights, collaborative learning, and the collective advancement of careers.

The conclave provided a comprehensive experience that seamlessly integrated inspiring keynotes, engaging panel discussions, and skill-building workshops. Esteemed women leaders from various fields shared their journeys, offering valuable insights. The combination of motivational talks and practical workshops equipped attendees with tools to enhance their leadership skills, contributing to a dynamic and enriching professional growth experience.

In India, women face a notable drop in representation from entry to leadership roles, with just 10% reaching management and few in the C-suite. Among the 2,000 listed firms, only 100 have women as MDs and CEOs. Despite 100 unicorns, just 15% have female co-founders and less than 1% are led by female CEOs. Efforts to address this involve understanding barriers to the C-suite for women, highlighting the crucial need for a supportive community among women leaders to navigate the challenges.

Manjari Jaruhar, Bihar’s first woman IPS officer, graced the event and eloquently delved into the crucial topic, shedding light on “The Four M’s: Marriage, Mobility, Motherhood, and Menopause—Mending leaky pipelines across the spectrum.” She shared her unique journey of becoming Bihar’s first woman IPS officer and added, “Being surrounded by a multitude of women in this room is an unparalleled experience for me. Never before have I found myself with so many women around. I extend my admiration to the resilient women here who refuse to be broken, embracing a profound self-confidence that propels them to either discover an existing path or forge a new one.”

The conclave marked a pivotal moment as women leaders convened to commemorate their remarkable accomplishments. This milestone signifies a groundbreaking shift in leadership, highlighting the dawn of a new era. Within this transformative leadership paradigm, women unite as allies and collaborators, providing mutual support on their individual paths to success. This collaborative endeavour embodies a potent synergy, illustrating that by uniting strengths, we possess the ability to conquer formidable challenges.

Laxmi Agarwal, the acid attack survivor and founder and president of the Laxmi Agarwal Foundation, also joined the event, sharing her thought-provoking journey and experiences with the audience.

Women leaders from leading companies such as IndusInd Bank, RBL Bank, Trust, Dream 11, Global Foundries, KBR, CXXO- An Initiative of Kalaari Capital, Sounder Connect, and others joined the event as corporate delegates representing their organisations.

During the Fireside Chat, Shradha Suri Marwah, who serves as the Chairperson and Managing Director of Subros Ltd., shared her insights on “The Dirty A-Word — Owning Ambition.” She stressed the importance of embracing ambition as a quality that everyone should cultivate, pointing out the common tendency for individuals to feel ashamed of their ambitious aspirations.

Neha Bagaria, Founder and CEO of HerKey, expressed her excitement about the success of the conclave, emphasizing HerKey’s commitment to empowering women in leadership roles and how to shatter the glass ceiling and convert it into an open ceiling.

Neha Bagaria also stated, “We are thrilled with the response we have received for the conclave. It is a testament to our commitment to fostering gender diversity and enabling women to take on leadership roles. At HerKey, we believe in the transformative power of community, networking, collaboration, and inclusivity. As we celebrate this achievement, we remain steadfast in our mission to create an inclusive, learning, engaging, and supportive professional landscape.”

The event garnered widespread acclaim for its impactful discussions, actionable insights, and the vibrant energy that permeated the conclave.

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