The non co-operative attitude of the  Panchayat Secretary dominates the gram sabha of Verla Canca


The non co-operative attitude of the  Panchayat Secretary  with the Panchayat  and her continous absence at the panchayat for more than one and a half months dominated the gram sabha of verla canca held on sunday . .

the Gram Sabha of Verla canca Panchayat in Bardez started as scheduled on Sunday morning under the chairmanship of Sarpanch Aarti Praveen Chiri.

At this time, half an hour after the start of the meeting, the officials of the Bardesh Group Development Office did not appear in the meeting as inspectors. Why is the official of Bardesh Group Development Office absent from today’s regular Gram Sabha of Kanka-Verla Panchayat? Sarpanch Aarti Chiri told the meeting that he would ask the group development officer about this, as the Panchayat Mandal itself was ignorant and unable to answer this question to the villagers, and the meeting was confused for a long time. Meanwhile, Panchayat Secretary Nikita Parab has been in the office for the past one and a half months while this discussion is going on
Villager Sagar Lingudkar complained that people’s important work is lost because of this and he demanded that such secretaries should be shown the way home and an efficient secretary should be appointed in their place. At this time, Lingudkar’s demand received strong support in the Gram Sabha and the secretary Nikita Parab was not cooperating in the panchayat affairs and was selfish. The panchayat board itself is also present

It was done by the citizens, so the Panchayat Mandal itself took up the demand for their immediate expulsion from the Kankam-Verla Panchayat along with the villagers present. Meanwhile, as confusion continued to increase in the meeting over these issues, Panchayat Secretary Nikita Parab finally decided to leave the Gram Sabha under police protection. Villager Sudesh Kinlekar and others scolded him for leaving the meeting, but Parab did not appreciate anyone’s opposition and walked out of the meeting. Meanwhile, the dispute arising from the absence of an inspector from the group development office in the Gram Sabha finally reached the expulsion of the Panchayat Secretary Nikita Parab. Parab, Panchsadasya Manoj alias Vasudev Korgaonkar

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