Open House at Sharada Mandir, Kadamba, Draws Enthusiastic Response from Parents

Open House at Sharada Mandir, Kadamba, Draws Enthusiastic Response from Parents

Panaji, Nov 2023 – Parents visiting Sharada Mandir School, Kadamba, on the occasion of the recent Open House event were not just familiarised with the school’s structural and human infrastructure, but were also introduced to innovative teaching methods and new education concepts involving sensory behaviour, dance, music and coding.

The Open House was attended by almost 100 visitors and served as a platform for them to explore the campus and engage in person with the Principal, Administrator and faculty members. They were also given the opportunity to tour the campus, classrooms and interact with educators. Many attendees filled out registration forms for admission in the upcoming academic year.

“We were delighted to witness the overwhelming response from parents and their children,” expressed Principal Auria Fernandes. “The Open House was a platform for families to experience first-hand the nurturing environment we offer at Sharada Mandir. At our school, we focus on values and character development, which leads us to believe that this school will be one of the best in India, which will nurture right-minded citizens.”

The event facilitated an open dialogue where questions and queries posed by parents were comprehensively responded to by the school’s faculty and administration representatives. Access to play areas, classrooms, laboratories was facilitated for the visiting parents, who also interacted with the school’s counsellor, who caters to the students’ emotional needs on campus. A total of four batches of parents attended the Open House with guided tours of the campus held every 30 minutes during the two-hour session.

“We wanted to make sure the school gives importance to activities outside of studies. It’s important for a child to have a balance between academics and extracurricular activities to grow as a well-rounded individual with confidence,” said Manju Mathew, a resident of Ponda, who attended the Open House event.

“It was heart-warming to see so many families exploring our school today. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive learning space and the Open House allowed us to showcase the resources and educational methodologies we have to offer,” said Oscar Gonsalves, Administrator at Sharada Mandir School, Kadamba.

“The Open House was a good concept for parents to witness first-hand, the facilities and teaching methodologies used by the institution to provide holistic education to children, enabling parents to make an informed decision about where to enrol their child,” said Rupesh Dessai from Kadamba Plateau, who attended the Open House.

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