The 10th Year of India Bike Week is ready to welcome motorcycling enthusiasts from across the globe for the grandest celebration yet!


The 10th Year of India Bike Week is ready to welcome motorcycling enthusiasts from across the globe for the grandest celebration yet!

Embracing the motto ‘Everyone as One’, India Bike Week X will be a medley of motorcycling,, racing, moto culture and much more.


Goa, November, 2023: India Bike Week (IBW) 2023, is gearing up for its monumental 10th year, on December 8th and 9th, 2023, in partnership with Gulf Syntrac. The festival is all set to deliver an exhilarating celebration of motorcycling culture, adventure, moto thrills and unity. Echoing our theme of ‘Everyone as One’, IBW will pave the future of the festival along with guaranteeing unforgettable moments for the new global Indian motorcycling enthusiast!


Martin Da Costa, proudly says,” For all on the IBW Team it is sometimes a ‘pinch yourself’ moment to know that in 2023 India Bike Week is celebrating 10 Years of the Festival. It’s 10X in 2023 because that is how the festival and entire Motorbiking Culture and Community seems to have grown over the past decade. From a few thousand leisure bikers back in 2013, India now has hundreds of thousands of riders using their bikes for travelling, cross country trips, experiences and connecting with likeminded souls. We’ve seen Motorcycling Clubs mushroom across the country, women bikers from across India using their machines to get together and assert their independence and freedom, Indian Motorcycle Racers emerge, whole sub-cultures of motorcycle builders and designers establish businesses.“


Some of the 2023 highlights that one can witness are:


Races & Rides:

IBW 2023 offers a plethora of unique and adrenaline-pumping experiences. Whether you’re a Moto Cross fan or a Big ADV rider or just curious to experience an EV on our tracks, there’s a track for every rider and motorcycle. IBW will offer 6 different tracks, including 3 race tracks by CEAT – the challenging Flat Track, Enduro track, the thrilling Mud Rush and a one of a kind CEAT Super Cross League preview. The Gulf Syntrac Tivra track features an interesting half velodrome where one can ride in concentric circles as high as your skill and bravery can take you. The IBW Pentathlon by Gulf Syntrac will be scoring the best times of Pentathlon racers across 5 tracks. Attendees can participate in daring activities such as the Ring of Fire, the thrilling Well Of Death daredevilry, where one can witness an Ola EV scooter in the Well for the first time! Master the art of wheelies at our dedicated Wheelie track, and watch the high energy somersaults at Gulf Syntrac’s FMX Moto Mayhem by Austrian Thomas Wirnsberger and Sebastian Westberg from Finland. For those seeking the future of biking, dive into the world of electric mobility with a variety of cutting-edge EV motorcycles and scooters. Feel the power and precision as you test ride these electric marvels on our dynamic tracks, alongside an impressive lineup and unveils of ICE bikes from OEM partners like Harley-Davidson, Hero, Triumph, Suzuki, Aprilia, KTM and Kawasaki. And that’s not all – be part of the excitement as we unveil the revolutionary Orxa Mantis, a game-changer in the world of electric motorcycles.


IBW People:

IBW 2023 will see members joining from various biking communities like every year, sharing their unique stories at the festival. The Jameson Connect at Howling Dog Bar will be home for some cocktails along with storytellers who will talk about everything health and fitness, travel and so much more!


Some key sessions one can’t miss:

Community Meets with creators like @MotoZoomer Yasir Mujtaba and @CandidaLouis @ JSFilms @Bulubiker @Valmakry @FlexciaDsouza @CallMeVenom @PCVijay @ZohebZuzu @TravelwithSeaRats @BigBearBangalore.

“The Road to Dakar” by Ashish Raorane, India’s first and only privateer to participate in the Dakar Rally.

Ilario Lavarra: @vespanda_ilario.lavarra – this interesting Italian rider who rode to 100 countries on a 56 year old vespa over 6 years around the world

Alexey Anekcen and Pavel – rode from across Siberia and Central Asia to India

Marc Franquesa @marconthemap – a Spanish rider travelling around the world over 10 countries and 20,000 kms.

The Gulf Syntrac Club Village will also feature Motorcycle Club games like the Mizoram Bar, King & Queen of Clubs, an IBW Dance Off and several fun Club Wars.


Adventure Tales of Big Trip Speakers:

Prepare for an exhilarating journey through the captivating narratives of our esteemed speakers which include distinguished international globetrotters along with Indian trotters, each weaving their own tapestry of exploration. With a decade of IBW bringing such explorers to the forefront, this year’s stage is set for captivating stories and exciting throwbacks, reflecting incredible journeys over the last ten years at our Ladakh Tent.

Simon and Lisa Thomas: Renowned for their awe-inspiring 17-year global journeys over 800,000 kms, this dynamic duo embodies the spirit of adventure, resilience, and passion.

Juvena Huang (The Wandering Wasp):* A fearless traveler on a scooter, Juvena Huang’s Asian adventure breaks stereotypes, celebrating the spirit of women as avid travelers.

Karolis Mieliauskas: Hailing from Lithuania, Karolis shares extraordinary experiences from “The world’s coldest bike ride”, igniting the adventurous spirit.

Gaurav Sharma (Wander.da): A storyteller with a super cool Hindi podcast, Gaurav’s series unfolds a 25,000 km motorcycle trip across South America.

Yogesh Alekari (roaming_wheeels): An architect turned mountaineer, Yogesh embarks on a 100-day bike journey from Mumbai to London, covering three continents and 24 countries.

Noor Bee (Nomadic Hijabi Rider): Conquering thousands of kilometers, Reshma leaves a trail of courage and inspiration, venturing from Bangalore into the enchanting landscapes of Nepal.

Claudia Wodarz aka @missridealot – She’s ridden in more than 10 countries on her current solo ride including Central and South East Asia! And she’s ridden everything from Supersports to big ADVs.


Music, Food, Ride Outs & Moto Culture:


IBW 2023’s music lineup boasts top artists headlined by Nucleya and features DJ talents like Gurbaxx, Nash Jr, Disco Kid, Aviv Pereira, Aarifah and the sensational Gully Gang showcase. Vipin Mishra Project’s “FolkRoad” will premier their teaser – a music composer’s adventure on his motorcycle to the far corners of India in search of forgotten nomadic music. With diverse musical styles, the festival promises to be a haven for music enthusiasts for the two days at Hilltop!


Savor the Flavors at The Big Forkers Meat Fest:

The Big Forkers Meat Fest is Back!

Indulge in a meat lover’s paradise at IBW 2023! “The Big Forkers Meat Fest” celebrates the art of curing, grilling, smoking, and barbecuing meats in India. From Goan Chorizo to whole hog roasts, experience live spit roasts, captivating fire & meat displays by grill masters Alistair Lethorn, Arjun Sikdar, Christopher Fernandes, Delzad Khurshad Avari, Buland Shukla and Charlton Mendes, and aromatic delights at the Eat Street, showcasing iconic IBW staples with renowned chefs and culinary artists who are known for their unique culinary creations.


Motoculture at IBW; explore the world of Head To Heel Custom.

Participants at India Bike Week 2023 have exclusive access to diverse custom showcases featuring expert artists from all over the country. Our Mod Bike Display will feature curated motorcycles that pushes boundaries when it comes to customisation and bespoke engineering. Engage with renowned experts like Maadol Mukherjee, Mallika Moto, Ironic88 (Saad Uddin), and Joshua John Art, showcasing their creative prowess. Marvel at exquisite Helmet Art, witness live sneaker illustrations, customize your Jackets and Jeans and explore timeless rides from collectors Anil Bhingarde and Hafeez Contractor with their unique display of Classic Scooters and Motorcycles.


IBW Ride-outs:

IBW supports the riders with its ‘Ride to IBW’ virtual ride support system, offering unforgettable experiences through ride challenges and contests, medical and roadside assistance solutions from the moment riders starts their ride from their homes. In Goa, as part of our ‘Ride Outs’, embark on 8 curated offbeat experiences such as the “Flavors of Goa” ride, a culinary adventure through Goan kitchens by Chef Marlon. For adrenaline junkies, join the para motoring ride out with Wings and Flights, soaring 1,000ft above ground. Additionally, gear up for the “Secret Trails” ride, exploring uncharted natural trails with fellow bikers from the Goa Motorcycle Club. Each of these experiences is curated to provide unforgettable adventures in the heart of Goa!



Choose your pass and dive into the excitement at IBW 2023. Get a day pass at Rs 2,499 or a weekend pass at Rs 2,999. Join us at India Bike Week 2023 for an unforgettable journey. To register for activities and book tickets, visit


Social Media Handles:


Join the IBW WhatsApp Community for exclusive #IBW2023 updates! Stay tuned for the latest news, ride details, and exciting announcements about the upcoming epic event in Goa on December 8th & 9th



How were the Last 10 years?


Since its inception in 2013, IBW has played a pivotal role in transforming India’s leisure motorbiking landscape, acting as a facilitator and platform for a significant portion of the recreational community of the world’s third-largest motorcycle market to embrace racing, travel and adventure on motorcycles and motorcycling culture in general. IBW has transcended borders, inspiring Indian riders to embark on global motorcycle trips and attracting international bikers. The festival has become a familial tradition, with the children of early attendees now active participants at recent editions. Partnering with iconic brands like Jameson and Harley-Davidson for a decade signifies IBW’s influence and dedication, growing from a modest few thousand attendees in its inaugural edition to a thriving community with its own mainstream culture. Highlighting the festival’s commitment to showcasing diverse voices, “In my time with IBW, they’ve been big on putting women out front,” says Maral Yazarloo, who leads the Lady Riders of India club, an overlanding rider, author, designer and an annual visitor at IBW since inception; “At IBW, I am just a biker, not just a ‘woman biker,’ and it’s awesome how IBW gives women the stage.” The festival continues to be a catalyst and platform for everything related to biking in India, fostering a community of enthusiasts exploring the world on two wheels and beyond. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari or from Dimapur to Kutch – find a leisure rider, speak any language, and you’ll find a fan of India Bike Week.

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